Villagers auto kill sheep's before they get to TC!

This is not a good design, villagers shouldn’t kill sheep’s before they reach the point they ordered to and make the economy terrible, even if they ran out of food, I’m tired of sending vills away to not kill the sheep’s when they are so far from base, please add a fix that villagers will attack sheep only after they stopped moving, unless ordered directly to attack.

Hey @liran1234567! Thank you for the feedback. I’m curious what you—or anyone else that would like to weigh in—would consider a reasonable distance for a Villager to travel to continue harvest, versus just going idle?

Or is it all about whether that Sheep has been ordered to a particular location? You’d prefer that the Sheep completely reach its destination before it can be harvested, even if that is out of the range of a would-be harvester?

The sheep should finish moving to the location it ordered to move before any villager would attempt to kill it, this will actually have a very good impact on gameplay, because no one wants sheep to be killed far from base because it’s bad for economy, also take in mind that sheep from pastures (Mongols) with a rally point should behave the exact same, not be killed until each the final location that the player chose.

I think it would be a nice QOL update to have an update that villagers out of food will look for other resources around their location, but I don’t know what is considering a good distance limit for this.

Thank you @liran1234567! I appreciate the extra info. I’ll make sure to put this feedback where the wider team can see it. Much appreciated!

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