Villagers building bridges

As an open maps player, i always ban islands and water maps. But they would be a lot more enjoyable if villagers could build bridges. Very weak palisade bridges 1 tile across from Feudal age and / or maybe stone bridges from Castle Age. Take 4x times longer to build than palisades and walls and also cost a lot more wood or stone to build. I would definitely be more open to playing water maps if we could build bridges, no matter historically inaccurate it might be. There are tons of innacuracies in the game anyway. Like countering archers with skirmishers throwing spears.


I think that the two water changes needed are for fishing ships to be able to garrison in docks, and the addition of builder boats. Letting fishing ships garrison means that the game isn’t over immediately if one player loses all their fishing, because they can garrison and save some of it. Builder boats could be used to repair ships, build sea towers, sea walls, and sea gates. Although bridges would be nice, it is mechanically impossible. This is because bridges, when placed in the scenario editor, create a new type of terrain under them, similar to land. The bridge itself is just a graphics thing. That’s my understanding, so I don’t think bridges can be done. Another part of the problem is that there are only 3 ship classes, and cannon galleons, whereas there are a lot more for land units.


Another idea I had for docks was for ranged units to be able to stand on the deck of transport ships and fire while it’s in motion. Doesn’t seem that unrealistic, as long as they’re not elephant archers xD

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Maybe let fishing ships do these jobs? Allow fishing ships to construct something not fish traps.
It could be kept in balance by adjusting the build time.

It makes sense since in the game it’s the villagers repairing siege weapons and setting military buildings in the frontline, instead of something like sappers or field engineers.

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Yeah, but fishermen don’t build stuff. By adding a new boat, it adds some more diversity, gives us a cool new thing, and keeps the jobs separate.

I think this is a bit redundant.

It’s like adding 2 new units to TC, called Architect and Sapper.
Only Architects can build normal buildings and wonders, only Sappers can build military buildings and defensive structures and repair siege weapons, and only Villagers can build farms and gather resources. So annoying. Not only does it take more resources, population, and player attention to train various units, it also increases the difficulty of gameplay. Villagers can only stay in a daze until the economy buildings are built, and Architects and Sappers can only stay in a daze too after the construction and repair work is finished. In the end, none of this makes the game particularly realistic and accurate. When people urgently need a building or to repair but don’t have enough Architects or Sappers, or urgently need to gather a certain kind of resource but don’t have enough Villagers, this design will only make people tired.

Think about this example, the Builder Boats are basically equivalent to Architects and Sappers above.

Maybe there could be the option to wall off fish with dams because like you said, losing fish can be gg

Similar features got cancelled in past because you could just build in enemy docks … Means official this no will happen

I can understand your analogy, but I don’t agree. Adding builder boats is an entirely new thing, and it allows civ fishing bonuses to remain unchanged. Fishing ships are also really cheap, and would probably have different stats from builder boats. They also look different I imagine, because a builder boat makes more sense to look somewhat like a transport/trade cog cross with a crane or other construction equipment item.

Easy enough to stop this by having a script which prevents you from building sea walls within like 30 tiles of an enemy dock or something.

The deal is that AoE2 doesn’t rely on restrictions like that. Also imagine if this get implemented some people would probs start spamming threads about doing the same on land.