Villagers can't be body blocked?

I’ve seen this occur in my own play and several several times on stream. Villagers appear to be able to phase thru enemy units. This neeeeeeeds to be patched especially because there is no snare mechanic and Villagers get a speed boost due to formation integrity.

Check out this clip! RedBull streaming Age of Empires IV! Twitch

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Pretty much always been the case. But you know what can block? IO between buildings :))))))))))

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It happens when your attack units are still moving on target

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Like why on earth they allowed this.

I thought they removed this from military formations, but then they left it for Vils?

And for body blocking Vils, if I understand correctly if your units aren’t moving then they can block the vils. Only if your own are moving can the Vils push past. Which also shouldnt happen, but I find it a little more acceptable than those sprinting Vils

And yeah seen both cases happening in RBW

Easiest way to recreate is when you charge a group of Vils with a knight(eg miners) If the opponent clicks the Vils away someone is going to sprint due to that formation thing