Villagers can't build

Game Version: 101.101.34223.0 4509956

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  • Platform (Steam)


Sometimes when I select a group of villagers I can’t build anything with them. Need to deselect them and select them again for some reason.

Reproduction Steps:

I can’t reproduce it every time i want, it just happens sometimes.
For example if i want to build a castle fast at home i select all my vills farming around the tc and try to press B (my buildings hotkey) nothing happens, neither pressing B and then V (B to build and V to castle) and in the bottom left corner i can’t see the buildings nor the actions for the vills. I can’t see the hammer icons to build even. But if I deselect the vills and select them again then it works and can build again.
Same if i want to select the vills chopping wood to make new lumber camp or any other building, they can’t build, they don’t react to the hotkeys and the icons doesn’t appear in the bottom left corner.

I have been playing the game for one week and this bug happend to me at least 5 or 6 times while playing campaigns and ranked games online

if it happens again i’ll try to remember to take screenshot


I was playing a few moments ago and the same bug happend with my army. As you can see in the image below i have my units selected but in the bottom left corner i can’t choose any action for them (no patrol, no protect, no formations, etc) is same sometimes with vills, i can’t choose any action for them to build