Villagers engaging into EVERY nearby fight ! Needed?

So this is a minor but very irritating issue IDK its intentional or not :confused:

Villagers will get involved into any fight happening nearby! and you cant stop them from doing that. if you re-task them, they will again start attacking after few seconds.

Example :
If an Explorer is fighting to a treasure near hunts. The villager will not work untill the treasure guardian is dead or the villager is dead.
This is same for ur unit fighting an enemy unit nearby.

IMO They should just mind their business if they are not attacked upon. Also they should ignore the fight if a military unit is fighting nearby (Just build the wall!! that musk can fight hussar on his own!)

I do not have this issue. But I’ll check again.

Maybe its map dependent?

I’ve got over 3000 games and never seen this


Well I can understand this is not a very noticable issue. Will try to post a recording if possible.

They only do that if they are idle.


Well that is a good explanation and now I understand why I never see it.

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It is fairly easy to test too. Put a villager near a fight and you see they will start shooting on their own.

Fairly certain they ignore fights if they are not idle. Even if they are attacked. Might be a mod that changes this though.

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