VILLAGERs freezing in some tasks bug

101.101. 34397. 04546676 Game Version

  • Platform PC STEAM


Villagers stuck or not working normally
This happens in some situations when one sends villagers to do something - for ex. hunting deer, they gather one deer and its food ends, so then the villagers have to automatically go to the next deer /in their LOS/ and kill it to gather food, but they just stand there …
OR when creating walls and a gate , they just do not go to the gate and do not start it, I see the foundations … AND IT WAS NOT A TIME when some enemy horseman or something else passed and blocked it , no, there were no enemies around at all and no wild animals / the whole time /
It happens also after building a lumber camp, sometimes they just do not go gather wood…

  • Most frequently it HAPPENS when I have a lot of farms and I create a queue from the TC, i.e. when a new vil appears in front of the TC he has to go to new farms that are around but notyet created / like on 2-3% for example / - the vills often just stay there and do not work in stead of automatically starting the farm …

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play the game and use villagers
  2. It does not happen all the time

This might be due to the idiotic wrong ugly broken pathing system !
FIX THE PATHING ALREADY PLS ! All the pros also complain about pathing and knights doing nothing to crossbowmen due to bumping … SO PLS fix the pathing

Villager next hunt search radius is really small. Which is pretty confusing since villagers will travel quite a bit to mine the next gold or stone pile.

These problems have always existed in DE. I forgot exactly what the dev comment about the deer search radius way back in early DE but it seems intentional. Makes Steppe not very fun.

I haven’t experienced the lumber camp problem you mentioned.

The deer radius is not bad all the time

I think, that developer suggested to use shift-queue to let villagers hunt deer one-by-one reliably without going idle or splitting between deers. This is also what I have been doing. Even if they would go for farther deer automatically, they will split between deers too easily if they are not shift-queued.

The problem with shift queuing deer is that if an enemy unit attacks a gathering villager or if a villager so much as bumps into another villager on the way to kill a deer, it’ll skip directly to the next deer in line.

I have not noticed getting attacked or bumping causing part of shift-queue to be skipped. This seems like a bug and should be fixed.