Villagers not auto-collecting after building drop-off buildings

Villagers are not auto-collecting after building drop-off buildings. This occurred on ‘The Pit’ on a stone mine, when I first noticed.


Have the same problem, they stop working when theres still more sheep or berries

Think this is worst bug to me happens every game

Hey @BrianLinOnline and @Heaney74! I don’t see this exact behavior you’re reporting. However, we are tracking a similar bug where Villagers will not automatically go to work gathering after construction of a queued blueprint is canceled. If, for example, you click to build two Mills and cancel the second one (if you mis-click or whatever). After the first Mill is done being constructed, the Villagers will go idle. Does that sound like what you are experiencing?

Since I play mongols often, I habitually shift click villagers to gather resources after building a drop off bulding. After building gers, mongols seemed to prefer chopping down nearby straggler trees instead of getting gold or food.

Now, when I play other civs, I still build a mining camp or mill and shift click to gather. After gathering the specific berry hush, sheep, or deer that I clicked, the villagers will go idle and fail to gather other nearby berries etc. This happens with wood as well, any resource really, but mines usually don’t matter bc deposits are a single entity.

I see this bug every game, probably due to this shift + click habit. I believe it may be related to this: