Villagers run faster than horsemen

When I try to raid with my horsemen I notice that the villagers run with almost the same speed. I send like 5 horsemen vs 8 villagers and I only manage to kill one after a long distance of chasing them.

Please make horsemen faster or at least give them an extra damage against villagers so that they can be useful in the game.


people are too under-educated to understand this issue mate.

Mongol yam network or chinese dynasty buff + speed bonus when rotating in formation. second mech gives villagers or any unit a temporary speed boost. This was reduced for siege but exists for units.

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units stop to strike. So when you’re chasing a moving unit the constant stop-to-strike requires you continuously have to catch up. This is the case for almost all damage but extremely pronounced during melee/torch dmg. One way to combat this issue is to surround the target you wish to kill or at min body block the target.

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1 rider attacks, while all four block their way, no melee units attack while moving

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what website is that screenshot from?

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BTW if you have 5 horsemen against 8 villagers. Instead of attacking, just run past the villagers and attack from forward and mid-way. This will block villagers and you can get more kills.


This is an amazing website to add to the list of amazing aoe4 websites!! I’ve never found an aoe4 site that had the area of effect radius associated with splash dmg!!

Completely agree. It’s so dumb that we’re still complaining about this so long after the game was in closed beta.

Not only the “stop to attack” mechanic is extremely idiotic, but villagers are almost as fast as a knight. I often find myself chasing down villagers across half the map with Benny Hill music in the background. It’s so bad that the knights exhaust their “charge” timer. Villagers do have a sort of “sprint when running away” mechanic, but it seems to be bugged and triggers randomly.

Horsemen are a bit faster but with useless attack.

There is noth8ng random about when villagers sprint. All units will sprint (to include seige) in order to keep formation. So you can absolutely force the sprint of the trailing units. Hence why when attacking villagers on a raid body block the villagers by attacking from the direction they would want to go to escape. AND if you have more than 1 unit raiding you can force a sprint command by having the unit furthest to the front pull the one from the rear in order to keep formation.

Mongols villagers in a yam network runs at same speed than knights. It’s nonsense.

One can raid their villagers with knights and they will just run without the possibility to be catched from the knights.

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