Villagers stop building

I really often encounter that villagers stop build cued or near blue prints of walls. I never can trust my villagers in building the defense for themselves. Please fix this. Its really important.

I think this has been adjusted in the PUP already. To my knowledge, this bug was caused when u shift clicked too fast. Then the input for building gets mixed up with a move command leading to the vills moving to the area they are supposed to build something, but the built command itself get s skipped, and they move to the next task immediately.
As already mentioned at the start, I think this has been fixed in the PUP.

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This often happens to people who are issuing extra clicks on building foundations. For example if you drop a bunch of building foundations and then click again on one of them.

If you click and drag units go into formation.

This drag time is quite short so if you move your mouse quickly before releasing the click your villagers will instead form up on the location and not build.

They greatly increased this click to drag time on the PUP to prevent this. We’ll see how it’s implemented when the patch goes live.

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