Villagers Two Minaret Medrese don't drop off resources upon construction

Hey guys.

As you might know there’s a way to drop off resources “on the field” by building a drop off point.
Ottoman food fedual landmark serves as mill yet this feature does not include it.
Do you think it’s intentional or should it be reported as bug?

Larry Croft

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Hey @LarryCroft6976! Are you saying your Villagers don’t drop off at the Twin Minaret Medrese? They should be able to. Will you let me know more specifically what you are experiencing? Thanks!

No no, I mean vills don’t drop resources when Medrese is built.

Say I had vills on sheep, then pulled them to build a landmark. After it’s completed they still have food they’ve collected from sheep on them.

If do the same but I build another drop-off point like lumber camp they drop resources there with the moment building is completed, right?