Villagers who kill sheep and gather food are not attacked

My previous post [Villager who collects food near town center cannot be attacked](https://Villager who collects food near town center cannot be attacked),This is should just have something to do with slaughtering sheep.

My longbowman doesn’t know how to attack these villagers, the mouse won’t show the attack.Sorry, the keyboard screenshot cannot show the mouse.

Thank you @Happyearth02! That other bug you reported is (probably) unrelated to this one. I’m curious how this played out—were you able to move your longbowmen closer to get them to attack?

But yes, definitely something amiss here. Expected behavior is that even if out of range, you would be able to click on them to attack. Your Archers would then move up into range and attack.

I’ll leave this thread open with the hopes of gathering more information.

Hi, please take a look. That’s it. The mouse cannot display the attack.

Thanks @Happyearth02. It’s hard to tell—what unit are you attempting to attack with?

@SavageEmpire566 English longbowmen go to attack villagers who kill sheep. Sorry, in order to be able to upload, the gif image is low pixel.

this has been reported before, i think it’s because the hitbox of the dead sheep is too big and prevents you from right-clicking or attack commanding on the villagers


@SavageEmpire566 hi.

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Thank you! Appreciate the extra media. We’re definitely looking into it.

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