Villagers with 1k HP and 23 Speed? Thank you Devs / Wanderlust

1k HP for villagers? Why not?! 23 Speed? This is fun!
Elmeti with 5k HP, Mortarts with 1,6k HP … and so on.
Oh, and dont forget to make walls, lot of walls, to get strenght till you reach the godly mode!

Last night i was playing German against Dutch. Dutch with SA revolt which had that wonderful “Wanderlust” card in the deck. I had exactly the described scenario. It was so frustrating. He repaired his building 4x times quicker as i destroyed them.
I think, i won the game only because, due the speed of his units, the game became very lagy. So lagy that i could at one point breach his base and killed most villagers and detroyed all 3 factories.

The game lasted 3:15 hours.


in order for the elmeti to be 5k hp, the wanderlust card needs to be sent like about 80-100 times, I think that card was the least of your problems in that game


2 words, trade monopoly


Good idea, but this is disabled in Treaty (pretty sure that was a treaty game)

Look strong on paper, but, assuming they manage to stall for that long, they have to forfeit the Imperial upgrade for their units: that’s a 50% attack increase loss (they need at least 10x the card just to get the same HP as the Imperial upgrade though).

That revolution was not much touched since release and it is BAD in treaty.
Is it annoying? Sure, but so is running on the map, hiding your last units, etc.

Eventually he’ll realize that and stop using them.
What’s the point of a 1.6k HP mortar if they have the worst attack in the entire game?


Wanderlust: All units get +5% hit points; Settlers and wagons get +5% speed. (Infinite card).

Hm…I don’t play treaty but I don’t discard scenarios where this card would be problematic.
I’d make it a 10% bonus and able to be sent twice (or three times). Easy peasy.


Please, tell me, what was the main problem.

What is trade monopoly?

Indeed. In a rush game this will be no problem, but in a treaty game could be a nightmare.

Would you like to explain yourself?

In supremacy you can activate the trade monopoly if you have half of the trading post for 5 min(im not sure about time) to win

I am just going off the picture you posted, but you seem to have played Treaty NR 60 no water or something similar and also assuming no trade monopoly so the fact that the opponent has just shited walls accoss the map with no impunity. I also do not know how you break down their walls, dopps or mortars but wanderlust doesn’t affect HP of buildings or build speed, so just being more efficient in destroying the buildings with mortars and walling off the map yourself to prevent them from running around or sneaking would have helped.

Then, as this was a no TP map, at best in an NR 60 you could send like maybe 30-40 shipment by the 60 min mark(not an expert), so at best they could have send wanderlust at that point like 20 times, so strong but not unreasonable considering they have no Imp upgrades. They will also need XP to send the shipments so just denying them that by being a bit more defensive will slow them down.

Their eco is also much worse then yours, so again just being a bit more defensive and letting him be the one to push your position and you are in the advantage.

and finally, if you are really annoyed at them, just make boats (I think you can put a dock at the crossing) and then just bombard their side

Half +1 minimum, that is most, and 500 of each resource. For 5 minutes you must prevent them from destroying most of the TP to win.

Thats exactly what i did. But at that speed, villagers could rebuild the walls at least 2x time faster. And no, there is no trade monopoly on Orinoco map.

Again … the speed of the villagers was the problem.

Waiting is not the solution. With every shipment, SA Revolt is getting stronger and stronger. If at the beggining i need to destroy 1000hp, at some point will be 5000hp or even 10k. So no, waiting is a bad idea.

On Orinoco map you cant make any shipyard, so no ships let alone ships with mortars.

Its not working on Orinoco map.

Its disabled in treaty matches. Against SA you should win fast in few minutes, faster using canons, you should have a super strong economy with germans to kill most of your villagers, having more and better army.

but counter-intuitively it is. Kill XP is twice that of build XP and as this is a non TP map the only way they are getting XP in order to even send wanderlust is because you are sending units to kill all the while spending resources.

if you are the defender then the reverse happens, they are the one having to spend resources to push with a weaker eco and giving you more XP in return and they also get less XP in pushes to send wanderlust.

Im not saying just hunker down and turtle up but just slowly pushing with cannons and being defensive with each push so you have defender’s advantage and clearing and walling the areas as you push to prevent sneaky vils. They will drain their eco faster then you drain yours. You are trying to puncture his defenses in order to kill his eco, you don’t need to, you need to just take effective trades until his eco is dead

I tried doing this strat, its not good on the offensive, you need to send the card a ridiculous amount of times before cannons stops being an effective counter to infantry

Yes, i think the only chance is to push like crazy in the first 10 min, or all is lost then. That card took me by surprise. First i thought it was cheating :slight_smile:

This is not a problem really in the treaty. With any civilization, if you play correctly, you can easily execute SA super early. It’s not a big deal really.

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I played recently against SA again. I won in less than 10 min. by pushing a lot.
True, i killed a lot of villagers before treaty ended.

You are right. I just need to push hard at the beggining.

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