Villagers won't start building in some cases

Hello! I experienced a villager bug in aoe4. Sometimes when I order the villager to build a building, the villager goes to the highlighted foundation of the building and does nothing. Game after game I meet with the same problem no matter which civilization I play. Game version is: 5.0.9369.0. But I met the issue with other versions of the game. Thanks for your help, Bazsa


Hey @Bazsa85! Have you noticed any other specific details? Is this always the same building? Does it happen when commanding multiple villagers or just one? Is it only after shift+commands? Etc…


I’ve seen it happen when I’m using shift commands. If you queue up a lot of buildings, the villagers will sometimes stop after building a few.

This happens when the distance between the villagers and the buildings is large. Villagers sometimes don’t want to walk to faraway lands to build shift queued buildings.


I have noticed mostly when I want to build landmarks, keeps and town centers with villagers. It happens when I use multiple villagers as far as I remember. Sometimes I queue up multiple building commands, but this issue doesn’t take place for me in this case.

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This happens with docks almost all the time. If you queue up several docks that are placed on top of a fishing patch the villager will 80% of the time go fishing on the next dock instead of building it


Happens very often with shift commands. You build 5 houses but they only finish 1 or 2 as example.
And then one wonders why one is at poplimit again :smiley:

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