Vills can be attacked by melee units on the other side of the wall

Sometimes (well in most cases), melee units can attack vills repairing the wall on the other side. Surely this is not intended?

This can cause game winning/losing situations.

Since there is a hole in the wall that needs to be repaired, melee units can attack. Very reasonable?

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Do you think that’s what’s actually intended? if so, all good. Pretty sure this isn’t intended though.

No, just joking. It’s actually because the melee unit’s attack range exceeds the thickness of the wall
The game is full of chaos from its basic design. This problem will take a long time from discovery to resolution.Don’t have high expectations

Even without a hole and fully intact wall (chinese, tried it out now), even archers can hit peasants standing behind the wall. They just shoot straight through (during repairs for example) and due to them standing behind it, they don’t even get the defense bonus and get killed in two seconds tops (was playing against english AI).

But I also agree to the point, that there’s so much more that is wrong with this game…