Villy Gather Rate on Mills/Etc

Has anyone tested if villys are more efficient having 7 per mill/estate rather than 10 like it was in the original game?

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where is the proof that 7 villagers are faster than 10 on asian dinasties?

this was the breakdown

10 villagers
8989 total food collected
1.501 food/villager/sec

7 villagers
6777 total food collected
1.6135 food/villager/sec

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so 7 villagers are better than 8?
where is the video or the research about this?

If you select a villager on a farm and observe it for a few seconds, you’ll notice the resource gathering indicator image disappears when the villager starts to move to its next position. The indicator won’t reappear until the villager has reached its destination and began “farming” again.

In this example the selected villager bumps into another one, causing both to stop for a moment.


what is the source of your info?

It there some list fromv1-10. Like how much faster is it with 5 instead of 7.

would using more farms fix this issue?

The reason why 7 vills is better than 10, Is because 10 vills keep bumping into eachother. And also there has always been a bug where vills get stuck on objects and you would get sometimes even 3 vills stuck within the mill itself.

So 7 is better, because it is much faster for the vill to get to its destination to gather without bumping into other vills.

The solution to this is to make vills not move when in mill/estates. Just like the asian and native civs don’t move on their farms. And adjust the rates accordingly

While the vill moves to the next destination within the Mill. It doesn’t gather food

Btw you can’t really make a test comparing 7 to 10 in the same mill. You gotta compare 10 vs 10, meaning 1 mill with 10 vills and 2 mills 1 with 7 and another with 3 and you’ll see why it is faster. At some point someone said 5 on each mill is even much faster. But requires more wood


Metis back on Agecom tested this long ago with French Courier des Bois and Settler Wagons. Not sure if it’s been tested with regular villagers. He came to the conclusion that 7 CDB and 5 Settler wagons on each mill/plantation is best, because those villagers will bump into each other and interrupt gathering.

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Hmmm thats rather interesting, does this applies to all Farms/Mills to all civs?

I would say this is a bug, xD. Maybe reducing gatherers to 5 and reducing the cost of the building…

That would be a significant change to the balance of the game, better to improve pathing and collection than reduce

There’s only one option for achieving the maximum efficiency; 1 villager per farm. Can’t bump into itself :cowboy_hat_face: