Viper: "Lets make the game 100% playable. Lets get rid of problems, crashes, make lobby system better"

Let’s be honest no one will buy that when there are modders that already made it for free in the past.

Skins are also free on CS GO, guess what, everyone buys them anyway.

High quality architecture and unit sets could be interesting alongside new civs.

I personally would love to see proper new architecture sets for some civs. Doesn’t prevent though from wishing more civs.

New civs so far have always been the selling point of DLCs.

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Haha, they could have hired scripter instead of kicking him out

Those who ruined HD and DE are still in Charge, while anyone capable of fixing this game was removed. Source
Scripter is the head of the Userpatch Team, which improved aoe2 long before DE, they fixed bugs, improved Pathing and Lag, added Features and overall made the game alive from Userpatch 1.0 and 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5

Now watch me get banned for revealing this info the people in charge don’t want you to see.
In fact Scripter is gone now, Trirem said for personal reason, but he’s just gone. Userpatch, and with it the last chance for a proper game, ceased existing.


Seconded, I bought AOE 3 when it came out and played it twice then stuffed the cd in a drawer forever, I do not expect great things from AOE 4, it will probably be absolutely nothing like AOE 1/2 and stuffed with ‘new features’ and ‘unique ideas’, I don’t buy a sequel for unique ideas, I buy it because I liked the previous one and want something that is more or less the same thing, I know some people like AOE 3, but it doesn’t feel like a sequel, it feels like a completely different game that just got the label stuck on it to try to rope in previous customers to buy it, that’s fine if you like the game that it is, but an honest approach to that heavy of a gameplay mechanic shift is to put it under a new title

AOE wasn’t the only franchise that did this, most of the others that did were also RTS, I think that kind of behavior trying to bring in new customer demographics or whatever they were trying to do is probably why RTS went from the one of the most popular genres to one of the least popular genres

Other types of games don’t do this nearly as much and do a better job at retaining their player base through sequels, if you play Dark Souls well you can play Dark Souls 2 & 3 at similar competency straight out of the box, if you play AOE 2 well you need a brainwash session to forget everything you already know, then a 2 year remedial training course to play AOE 3

Maybe they learn from previous mistakes but Microsoft has never had a good track record on anything I have ever used developed by them, my expectation is a watered down copy mainstreamed so hard that mobile games can compete well with it on actual gameplay content

I would straight up just donate money to them for free if they fixed the game to a decent state and requested it for server costs etc., they could even sell a fancy glowing icon next to your user name or something equally ridiculous for a monthly subscription fee and people would buy it, you underestimate what people will spend money on

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Ensemble actually wanted to put it under another name. Microsoft didn’t like that and that’s what we got as AOE3 (a terrible sequel which remotely feels like AOE2 but isn’t on so many different aspects).


Because this isn’t that stupid games like CS: GO or Fortnite where people literally pay for fancy skins and game modes. In aoe you spend money for quality content, and civs is what means.

Something that I noticed is that the Lithuanian and the wall bug were fixed in short time while the Malay bug and the TG lategame lag took months to be fixed, and LOTW was released.


you dont get blocked for this, you get blocked because almost everything you post is just toxic negativity. why do you keep posting here? like why not go play the game you supposedly like instead of posting repeatedly how upset you are with this one?


This is ironic. It’s like saying, ‘sorry, but you guys don’t deserve anything’ despite this being the only new actual content for this part of the player base whereas the MP scene has had bugfixes and the like since launch. And somehow this is being selfish?

I personally do not care much for tournaments, balance changes, and such but I’m not going to say these aren’t needed and demand that the developers focus solely on one group.

So, no, sorry but this game isn’t just for you. As long as the developers actively work on the game and recognise there is an appetite for more content, including civilisations. I will gladly show my support and pay for this if there is the will.

Stop pushing to add new civs that you guys never are going to play.

What kind of argument is this?


I don’t know your definition of “stupid game”, but those games have millions of users and they are not having out fo sync, crashes, bugs every single patch, etc. Furthermore, You guys want to pay money for redudant civs that will never play and break the game, skins doesnt affect anyone, they look nice and we will buy them.

It’s also plain false considering I’ve already played several skirmishes using those civs but yeah, whatever 11


I play every civ, and none of them break the game. In fact, the strongest civs in the game have mostly remained unchanged since AoC.

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What?, CS GO is full of hackers (especially when it wents free), CS GO is far from being a perfect game.


Its the truth, most of the “i want new civs” will never play them. They only want them because of “world representation”.

They will open DE, go to single player, choose civ, watching a buggy panel with 200 shields and be like:

“much representation”
“very real”
“so variety”

And then close they game and actually not play at all.


Wrong, it is MP players taht are usually focused one one or a few civs.


I don’t play those games, for an example of availability of money without needing to push DLC content and ignore technical issues for the sake of it, Torment: ToN raised $4.2 million for development by just asking for free money from Planescape: Torment players that wanted a similar game to be released after the original company went bust

I could care less if they want to use DLC as their profit scheme that is their business, but there are reported bugs and issues that are almost a year old that have not been touched yet, they know what they are, they probably have some idea of what is causing them, they are just ignoring them in favor of adding more stuff, maybe it is a lot of work to fix them? Many of them were fixed in unofficial versions of the game by independent modders working for free though, many others have been created by content additions and then never cleaned up after, I don’t care if they continue to add all of the civilizations that have existed in human history and then start making new ones up afterwards, I just want them to fix the problems they introduce before they go about making new problems to add on top of them


The thing is that I want the bug to be fixed too, but the 2D concept art designer isn’t the guy who will be fiddling with the code. There are different members in the Forgotten Empires/Tantalus which are doing different things at the same time.

To be honest, I would welcome a bigger financial commitment from Microsoft, especially considering that AOE2:DE is the main Age of Empires title right now and every bad press on the regard of the main game is indirectly going to affect AOE4 sales.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to fiddle around the code if Scripter somehow managed to do it. In the best case, he would have been hired by FE but that didn’t happen for some obscure reasons.

After playing DE for a while, HD feels unplayable to me and I don’t want the same to happen to DE either. I also do want them to keep adding new stuff like they did before because this is the most exciting part for me as rather casual AOE2 player.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have this discussion and all welcome new content for the game we love. I really hope they’re going to fix those issues rather than adding unnecessary Event mods. I mostly skip those event items too.

I’m not going to buy a subscription or give money for free even though I love this game. That would seem more scummy than selling a DLC to me at least, especially a big company as Microsoft is.


Back on tipic I think thsi could definitively motivates FE to start to fix the game in a proper way, kinda remember when Samurai revolution quits 3 DE for a while and made a video about the state of 3 DE and some things to fix, eventually all those bugs are being fixed but in a very slow way:

Hope Viper’s words are enough to wake up Microsoft about 2 DE

Thats a different discussion.

I think it would be extremely scummy if they forced it down on you with a pay to win scheme or made online play subscription only, I’m just saying there are definitely people that are willing to spend money on things besides DLC that play the game, and there are probably several that would just hand them money on request as well, doesn’t mean you have to do it or that people that do it should receive any benefit or advantage over someone that does not

Also concept art designer not being the same person as the guy fiddling with code is kind of the point, if they can make money off of the 2d art it frees up time for the programmer to work on something that won’t necessarily generate cashflow, fixing bugs doesn’t attract new purchasers like adding content does, it is a waste of billable hours to be honest unless you have to do it to avoid bad PR that will lead to decreased product sales, microsoft is never going to care about anything but the total profit they can generate, both off of DE itself and from using DE to advertise AOE 4, this is normal and expected for any company, if they’re going to let their programmers touch this stuff on the clock then they need financial motivation to do so(This is why independent people working on abandoned projects tend to fix more issues than the company that developed it in the first place and had a much larger staff and budget)

If they are generating constant revenue from the existing player base in some way it gives them incentive to correct these things because they want to keep that player base as large as possible to maximize income, in the current format we could all uninstall the game 10 seconds from now and forget it exists and microsoft would not lose a penny

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