Viper: "Lets make the game 100% playable. Lets get rid of problems, crashes, make lobby system better"

Viper view and what he would like to be changed in the future. Agree 100%! Maybe people like him, that are really 100% dedicated to this game could be heard a bit more from Devs side as well.

“Lets make the game 100% playable. Lets get rid of problems, crashes, make lobby system better”


100% agree on that. Screw new content, remove all the issues that are still in the game


Will pay $10 for bug fix DLC


Bug fix DLC is the worst thing they could do tho, imagine making players pay for bugfixes


I mean they already are making players pay for bugs so might as well double dip and get them to pay for the fix too :face_with_monocle:


Nah, I will only ever pay for new content.


Do you think I will ever pay because devs would do their duties properly?


Do we really need a brand new thread exclusively with this title? I mean, there are 100s of other threads talking about crashes and bugs that this could have gone into.

Maybe I should start a thread:

"Darkness01101: 'Let's add 100% more content and graphics stuff! Let's add weather, seasons, time of day, and make fonts better'"


Because every time they add something they break the game even more. There’s already a ■■■■ ton of content, time to fix the game


Well, I think we need it. If I thought that it should be in some other threads, I would put it there. Viper is one of the best, if not the best player in AOE, he is in a way an ambassador of the game, so his words should have a good meaning. And if devs and people who are working on a game can see that even people like him that are playing the game everyday have tips, and give their view of current state of the game, I think it is a good thing to do.

Also, not to be rude, but “Darkness01101: 'Let’s add 100%…” is not the same as “Viper Lets make the game 100% playable…”. But, If you think that that thread should be out there, you can post it as well.


I agree any game should strive to be bug-free and not introduce new bugs as time goes on and patches are released… but bugs are the nature of tech releases. Have you ever seen a game patch that 100% fixes a game and introduces 0 new ones?

There’s a huge customer base that does more than ranked matches, and does more than multiplayer… which is my point, as well. Yes, he’s great at AoE and has a following, but is a new thread needed to announce his personal opinion and experience, based on his PC? The ton of followers he has were already made aware in his stream(s), and AoE devs probably have a fairly close relationship with him and his experiences (maybe even a direct email address), so they’re probably aware. The games been fine for me when I play. No, I don’t play nearly as much as him, but it’s been fine.

Plus, there’s a lot this game has to offer. As kinks are ironed out, some of those could be explored, possibly? I mean, it’s not what you want to do, but it might help time be less stressful until problems, crashes, and lobby system are improved


I agree that every game patch can bring some new bugs, but I think even you know that what happened with last few patches and bugs that happened are a sign that something is wrong, and for sure, can be done better. When there are many, many people that can’t even play the game, something is wrong, and needs to be addressed. And I am sorry that since last DLC and patch, there are many, many people with those errors, bugs, etc…

As for Viper and video I posted, he is talking in general, not based on his PC and his own experience (And even he with a monster PC configuration sees that game for some reason is badly optimized in some areas, and that many of his opponents cant even play the game since last patch). He just says that he would like for devs and people who are working on a game, to spend more time to fix existing issues, and not just think about giving new content, while we still have some issues that are here for more then few months. And I agree with him on that view. So his point is that, before adding new content, lets make existing content bug free, and than think of other things. And when people like him, Nili, Hera, T90, and others talk about those things, they need to be heard for sure, as those are the people (with many others) that put this game on a map again after many years.

I agree that this game has lot to offer, but errors are making people angry, said and disappointed, and I must say i understand them. So far, I had only few issues with the game since last patch and DLC, but seeing what is happening to a huge number of people and my friends that play the game, it makes me sad, because they cant enjoy the game, and the problem is not on their side in most of cases.

As for me, this is my favorite game at the moment, and I would like even more civs, more additional content to be added, as this is the game I enjoy so much. But as Viper, and many others, for now, I would just like that all bugs and errors have priority until they are fixed, and when the game is in fantastic shape, we can speak about new content and new stuff.


Good luck to you with seeing any of what Viper says becoming real. Hearing wishes like this from the professional streamers is no different than the first week of DE until now. There has never not been a major patch which didn’t introduce new bugs alongside fixing old bugs, with sometimes the old bugs showing up again by different means anyway, or didn’t include some of the feature requests by even the professional streamers (i.e. a better lobby system.) And if such a thing were possible, I would place money on Viper saying the same thing about performance issues one year from now because there would still be no adequate addressing of issues for every kind of Single and Multi player there is.

Have you heard of HD and Voobly? Long story short, AoE II’s HD release had so many technical problems that still exist to this day that many players, including the professionals and their audiences, migrated to Voobly until the release of DE. Not that I mean to say there will be a similar migration again because of DE, for DE is where the streaming money is nowadays. But I am saying there’s a long history before DE of Microsoft’s poor reputation with fixing technical issues and implementing widely requested community features. Therefore, good luck to you again with seeing any of what Viper says becoming real. Unless you suppose having that feel-good hope from having one of your favorite streamers share the same opinions as you is what really matters. Then more power to you in that case!


Every logical thinking person would agree with what Viper says

but at the end of the day it just looks like Microsoft doesn’t want to invest any more resources into this game than they have to.

There is not that much manpower / people dedicated to working on aoe2, and that’s why the progress with patches/fixes is so slow. And the reason why there’s not many people dedicated into it is I think because Microsoft doesn’t believe strongly enough into the future of this game, as their main goal seems to be just grooming the game slightly using minimal investments and taking care of the pro scene through prize pools, with the ultimate goal being to migrate everyone to aoe4 when it releases, and to try to make aoe2 a relic of the past.


Good luck with that. AoE4 will launch with 14 civs, I am not switching from a game with 37, to a game with 14, no matter how distinct the civs are (which is actually a bad idea, since it will massively aggravate any balance issues).


I’m not an RTS lover, I’m an aoe2 lover, who cares of aoe4 and other stupid stuff?

I am, but AoE2 is still better than most RTS.

You need Red Alert 2, Starcraft 1 and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, to compete with AoE2.
Everything else comes short.

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Today I was watching the Viper vs Modri showmatch. Modri had stutter issues with the latest patch and the two players had to step down to the previous patch version (pre balance changes) just to play…and even then the game was bugged, as Modri couldn’t select his civs without having somebody as a team mate.

Honestly seeing this stuff is disheartening and I was new to AoE and this was my first experience with the game I would never waste a single additional second of my life with that.


YES! NO MORE NEW CONTENT! Stop being so selfish, there are almost 200 scenarios fo you guys to play, if you get bored u have custom campaings, and if you already played them you can make your own campaings (maybe when they fix de scenario editor), and even if you already made that you can play against bots, hundred of different matchups.

Stop pushing to add new civs that you guys never are going to play.

Fix the issues that we have, make the game more friendly to newer players, make real improvements to pathing and lobbies and we will be fine.

If Microsoft needs money, sell arquitecture sets, skins or funcy stuff like that, NO MORE CIVS.