Viper quits aoe4 on live stream!

I’d suggest everyone go and watch the VOD on FB to see what happened yourself before commenting but to sum it up…

Very intense drama over the bugs that are in aoe4, especially animation cancelling when he lost a keep in under 3 seconds to only a few elephants doing 5 X their normal DPS.

He said “most people will be happy I’m switching to aoe2”

Hope we get a bug fix patch in the next few days as the Devs return to work after the holidays!

And happy new year!


happy for him , Aoe2 is destinated to the DOOM , a game cannot stand alive for much longer , its been ALIVE since 21 years and its getting boring!

He is going to return back when he sees his numbers dropping off , that is for sure.

(happy new year :D)

numbers are stable for aoe2. even with aoe4 release in november.

PS post without link is disgusting, how to search on fb it’s nightmare @Yellowaoe

PS waiting for another half of the game in 2022.


Edit: Link removed as per forum rules

Let’s not make this a this vs that thread please! Both games have fans!

The point is that one of the biggest players got so frustrated with bugs he quit on a live stream (regardless of what game he plays instead) and hopefully we get a bug fix really soon before more occurances like this happen!

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A bit of a sensationalist post, but he and others on the top have gotten most of what the game can give in its current state. If I were them, I’d probably leave and wait for some patch work to be done. The other Age games still offer me all the fun times with friends I could want, and without the same type of issues that this game has. One day I’ll probably be saying the same thing about AoE:V in 2030.


Yeah bugs suck.
Hopefully the Aoe IV team will iron them out ASAP.


I feel the same way. It’s so sad since the game has a good base. It’s just relic is taking too long to fix major bugs.


Animation canceling is an ugly trick in AOM as well.

His numbers are s*it, he changes 4 000 in twitch for 300 in facebook. He probably makes twice as much money as on twitch, so good for him.

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you sound very worried. don’t worry we will remember aoe4 when it’s dead this time next year ! ! ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:

I clipped his last AoE4 moments (for now) for you, since it’s not linked yet.


dont get too exited , aoe2 is not going to last forever. its only a matter of time . Also aoe2 its too competitive and old , nobody wants to hop in into mp if you are not a good player.


It lasted 21 years. It will last another few years until AoE4 is fixed and balanced.

DE came out 2019 and looks dammn well(some might argue it even looks better). Also many players that played other RTS games very competive play aoe4 now. RTS game in general are not really beginner friendly and the ladder will always be hyper-competitive. Unfortunatly AoE2 is the better product right now but with given time the devs might iron out the bugs, balance the game and add missing features so it can compete with AoE2.


that is my main point buddy

Im talking about gameplay , all the civs are prety much the same and it gets boring ngl

I watched the clip. He didn’t say he’s quitting. Also after the time of the comment he continued playing it for hours and is still streaming it live now.


He’s continued streaming and is still playing now.


Not in the clip no, he talked about it after and switched to AoE2 tho.

Not sure if he truly quit or not that’s why I wrote (for now).

But yes indeed you are right, he’s playing AoE4 rn.


I once quit AoE3 in a non-streamed private game vs. AI…

So much drama. I just had enough of the small maps, lackluster sounds, the explorer guy, and several other things.

I said to myself, “most people will be happy I’m switching back to AoE2” (… but nobody heard me because I wasn’t streaming)

Moral of the story, we all quit games every day! Sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily. Not too big of deal :smiley:

Happy new year!


Watched the Vod and to be honest this thread reminds me of Youtube clickbait but without the commission from views. Why even post this.

Are you going to make another post when he quits his session tomorrow to play aoe 2? Like come on stop the trolling.

“Huge drama” what? Viper gets slightly frustrated that this animation canceling is in the game, these elephants doing vastly more damage then intended, then goes on to play another game vs Hera and then two scouts animation cancel down his villager building a dock. Obviously frustrated he then quits the game vs Hera. He then temporarily quits aoe 4 and plays some aoe2, then now is back playing aoe4.

Obviously a professional player - it’s how he earns his money. Even if aoe4 god forbid had double the bugs it does now then he would still play. Its hard to feel sorry for a guy that earns money playing video games but he literally had to deal with these bugs all the time. People like me and you can just actually quit. Which is certainly what I have done.


Seconding this. Had the exact same thought.