Viper said that Goth needs eco bonus ( D/F/C ages )

This is actually a nerf as they are working 5% slower. Since boars are killed right under TC, instant drop off won’t increase overall collection rate. They will have continuous food generation while villagers are still working on boar. But how that temporary extra food help? Queueing up 2-3 more villagers on TC while it is still working anyway?

This is a popular suggestion for Vikings replacing their free Wheelbarrow and Handcart. Wheelbarrow and Handcart are x% cheaper and y% faster instead of instantly free and researched. For goths I think you can increase the percentage up to 100%. So loom = 1/2 villager, Wheelbarrow = 1.5 villagers, Handcart = 1.1 villager. Nerf Perfusion to 80% or 66%, even better if replaced with something new completely.

I honestly think the balancing is fine how it is now.

They have an extra vill upon clicking up to feudal, they are loomed in dark age and they have a good pre mill drush or m@a into archer.

If this advantage is carried out to imp they roll with -35% infantry discount, huskarls, and 210 pop space.

Also their tech tree is pretty versatile. They only really lack arb, thumb ring, +4 cav armor, siege engineers and monks.


How’s that versatile? You have bad archers, bad cav and bad siege. The blacksmiths upgrade actually look decent on paper but they miss all the key techs so it doesn’t really make sense into anything other than infantry. I actually can’t think of a single civ that is less versatile than goths. Like celts have better siege besides infantry and an eco bonus, britons have at least two unit classes they are good in, same for franks, huns and so on.


If you buff Goths, you need to nerf them elsewhere in their tech tree.
They would be ridiculously OP with eco bonuses.

Missing armor upgrade means their cav sucks. Missing arb means their archer sucks. I wont say it is a versatile civ at all.

Imo having civs that are extremely unique such as goths add something interesting to the game yes they are one trick civ and only good at some elos but the game just gets very bland if all civs the same in all settings. I like that I can play the top 10+ civs on one map then completely different ones on another because of how different they play


In castle age rhey are versatile