Virus Warning Playing Scenarios

Whenever you join a lobby with a scenario or custom map a warning appears in order to download. The verbiage of the warning is concerning. It sound like you’re about to risk downloading a virus. Is it possible to get a virus from these scenarios? If not can this warning be rewritten to sound less DANGEROUS?

It literally says “You bear the RISK of using the mod.” I bet this has scared away several people from playing scenarios or custom maps. Also scenarios and custom maps aren’t even mods, they’re just map files?

Not necessarily, the mods are simply modifications of the data folder; the only thing that having them installed could generate crashes of the game or not be able to play multiplayer games …

I always wondered if your computer could get infected via this method. I still don’t know.

It can happen, it would be weird, but it can happen… That’s why downloading mods is at your own risk…

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