Visual artifacts when siege packs/unpacks

In the latter stages of a game, when there are tons of units on the screen, I see artifacts when the siege pack/unpack animation triggers. The artifacts appear as vertical blue lines (same blue as the default player color) which flash just for an instant. They can’t be captured in screenshots, so they seem to be coming straight from the GPU.

Has anyone else seen them? I have zero artifacts or visual glitches in any other game, and in AoE 4 they only happen in that very specific instance of siege packing/unpacking. My GPU is usually overclocked but I tested at stock speeds and it still happens.

CPU: i9 9900k
GPU: RTX 2060
Game running at 4k, resolution scale at 75%, low AA and all other settings to high.

I’ll try to record a video with my phone since it’s the only way to capture it.

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Hey @EricGonzalezM! Would you mind contacting support here with a summation of the issue and your DxDiag? Appreciate the report!

@SavageEmpire566. I just managed to record this glitch after a few tries (but honestly I haven’t been playing that much). Here are some screenshots:

Sorry for the photo instead of screenshot but as I said, the artifacts don’t show up in screenshots. I see no artifacts in any other game or 3D program and my GPU was not overclocked when playing above.

I am pretty certain this is an AoE IV bug since it specifically happens only when packing/unpacking siege. There’s nothing else in the game that triggers this visual artifact.

I will get a ticket created for this.

Thank you for creating a ticket! There was a really old bug that may have caused something similar, so I’m just curious: Is your Image Quality preset set to low? Is your Gameplay Resolution Scale set to anything other than 100%?

This are the exact graphics settings when I captured those shots above. I set V-sync to 60fps and stays at 60 unless I scroll too fast:

Some months back when I first noticed this glitch, I was running @ 4k and around 70% resolution scale but it looks sharper @ 1440p and 100% so I switched. It happened then and still happens now. I think I tested it with bottom low settings everywhere and it still shows up, which is one more reason to think that the GPU itself is not the culprit, but it does happen only after a long game, say, 30+ minutes, so perhaps it has to do with how many things are being rendered/calculated on or off-screen.

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Coming back to this after a year. I was watching one of Drongo’s casts and lo and behold! He also got the glitches. I thought I was the only one or going insane.

Video here and issue at ~19:00 min (it goes by really really fast. Blink and you miss it). I recommend slowing the video down to 25% speed.

Bombards are packing at the very top left of the screen and there is an artifact across the TC just under it (a green color band that flickers twice). The bush next to the farm is also affected. Same exact thing as the screenshots I posted above.

Here’s a closeup:

BTW, I moved from Nvidia to AMD and these glitches are still there, so it’s not related to one brand.

It’s worth mentioning that Drongo is casting PUP games so it means this hasn’t been fixed in the latest version.

@SavageEmpire566 Any updates on it? I would be extremely surprised if devs haven’t seen it. I have seen something similar (vertical color bands) with naval units too.

To be honest, I’ve never seen it on either of my rigs. But that means absolutely zero. If you have yet to contact support, please do so! Make sure to include screenshots.

I’m not finding any updates about this one, but I may just be searching for the wrong terms. CS should be able to locate and update the correct ticket.

Thanks pal. I did open a ticket back in early/mid 2022.

I assume the bug is the exception and not the rule, otherwise I wouldn’t be the only one who has created a topic, but did you watch drongo’s video? It’s there and it’s pretty clear if you slow it down. That’s something that the devs should watch.

My desktop was originally an i5 9600K with an RTX 2060. I then replaced the CPU with an i9 9900KF and finally just a few weeks ago I swapped the 2060 for a 6800XT. The glitch has always been there, regardless of CPU or GPU.

My 2060 found a new home in a secondary desktop with an ancient i5 2500K and the bug also shows up in it.

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