Visual or graphic mods mandatory

these mods or changes or allowing user the control are very essential for game play:

a. shorter walls
b. smaller houses…
c. better fish visibility
d. grids
e. ability to right click on towers near wallls…
f. smaller trees
g. no snow
h. no unnecessary plants etc…
i. idle villager indiciator and red banner, like Anne

these effect game play and user experience
these should be considered to be part of official mods or allow user to choose their experience in game as part of the official developments


This is not all, you can be even more competitive using even more mods to make your game ugly:

  • Flat buildings Mod.
  • Simplified Terrain Mod.
  • Buildings and Siege Weapons Range Indicator
  • No Birds Mod.
  • Enhanced Player Colours Mod
  • Minimap Recolour.
  • Idle Villager Indicator.
  • Transparent UI.
    The list never ends.

The only one I agree with is small trees. The others reduce the fun of the game, especially campaigns needlessly. Oh, and grids, and maybe tower range indicators, but only the built ins for those.

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The game isn’t just competitive and pro games, why should fill the game with unnecessary"official mods" when there is a mod section, and already a official uploaded small trees mods. Who want play on a higher level basis will find the way to find the mods he need.


There is a 75% medium trees mod which fit very well, it doesn’t look too small in campaigns and don’t destroy the atmosphere, and it isn’t to big that you could miss something behind of them.


The mods breakdown with every update. Maybe having it ini the official package and allowing the user to choose will not break them every now and then…

Allow the user to have control of the official mods.

I mean having flower arrows is good, but if i cant click on a wall to attack it , whats the point of the game?
I mean fireworks is good but if i click on a tree and the villager goes and starts chopping behind the wood line, whats the point of the game?


lets keep the discussion productive rather than sarcastic…

Well all those mods exist and are mandatory and very essential to affect game play and user experience.

by mandatory, I mean, it is part of the official release or allowed at user discretion to be disabled if someone doesnt want them for campaigns…

Smaller trees and idle vills indicator should definitely be a toggle in the graphics menu. These 2 are essential for ranked. The grid and range indicator are already there. the rest are not as important.

The only mods that breaks with a update are data mods, Microsoft store version have currently few problems with Interface mods y that’s all. I have steam and non of my mods ( I have 19 subscribed ) broken with any update, the only what i need do after update is enable them again.

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Only 19? Disappointing. I have over 100 mods. :joy:

That’s a lot :))) well it also depends if you use mods that add stuff, like maps or something or that changes something.

Yes, the majority of mine are custom scenarios. I have pretty much the entire FilthyDelphia campaign collection downloaded.

thats great…

not sure why MS cant replicate steam’s approach

Grids are already in the base game (no mods needed)
Small Trees is an official mod
No Snow doesn’t affect gameplay in any way
The red idle villager indicator is useless for someone like me who presses the hotkey every two seconds

The rest are all very good mods, but I don’t understand what you are asking, they are allowed in ranked and afaik in tournaments too

Some other mods I’d recommend: (Can’t remember their official names, but you’ll find them if you look around)
Visible relics
Visible monks
Clearer minimap (changes the colours so things stand out more)

No they don’t, you just have to tick the boxes again and they work again, it’s very rare that visual mods stop working

In what sense? I don’t see the difference (aside from better search filters)

mods breakdown with every update without fail, yesterday my idle villagers were invisible.
i removed all mods then it was fine…

downloaded form steam today - all mods working fine.
removed MS Store version, as that was interfering with the steam setup too.

PC no longer slows down too…

MUCH happy with the steam version now…


You cant be pressing the idle hotkey button every two seconds, in an intense battle…
i dont believe that…

well, its a personal choice…
even without looking at the idle button, the moment i detect a “red” in my vision field, i check for idles…

Oh, you are talking about the version of the game bought in the Microsoft Store vs DE in Steam
I thought you were talking about AoE:DE mods system vs the old AoE:HD Steam Workshop, I apologize for the confusion
That’s a bug and you should report it, you shouldn’t have to buy the game again to play it properly, I agree

I mean, I wouldn’t be checking my idles in an intense battle regardless, I only check when I can confidently re-assign them, but while not in an intense battle I do check regularly

I mean, every mod is a choice, I’m just arguing it’s not essential