Vlachs civ concept

  1. Units and buildings on lower elevation do not take extra hill damage (reverse Tatar bonus)

  2. Villagers can garrison in mills, lumber camps and mining camps (max 5 - neither heal nor add projectiles)

  3. Villagers (except farmers) generate wood, so shepherds, hunters, foragers etc. Don’t know how strong it will be.

  4. Researching Cavalier reduces the cost of Elite Alpha upgrade by the cost of Cavalier upgrade (which we shall see why)

Note: researching Elite Alpha disables Cavalier upgrade

UU: Alpha (didnt find the name) - heavy cavalry unit which cannot be converted, and regenerates 20 hit points per minute

Alpha stats: 60F 75G, 11/13 attack, 2/2 melee armor, 2/3 pierce armor, 120/140 HP, attack rate of 1.8, 1.35 speed

UT1: Reinforcements - upgrades Knights to Alpha, Cavaliers to Elite Alpha

UT2: some infantry technology

Team bonus: Cavalry can garrison in TC

Civ lacks Paladin


“The Monaspa were an Elite Military Unit of the early Medieval Kingdom of Georgia. Dominant from the 11th to 12th Century AD, they served as both Royal Bodyguard and Standing Army for The Kings of Georgia. The Force were considered ‘‘Shock Troops’’, utilizing Heavy Cavalry and ‘‘Melee’’ Tactics. The Monaspa were composed of what would be considered ‘‘Lessor’’ Lords (Noblemen), who although poor by other Kingdom standards, held sufficient Title to merit their position. At their height of recruitment, over 5,000 Monaspa existed.”

Accidentally mixed up the two civs Kappa

lol, I just got this bonus for my swiss concept aswell 11

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Defensive civs for the win

I think someone els made a vlach civ concept and named the cavalry i think “Gospodar”. Is this the name you look for?

I have it for my Tibetan concept.

It isn’t listed in the civilisatio Hub.

actually I named it gospodar, but it looks like “domn” would be more accurate (?)

I don’t list my civilization concepts.


Cavalry and Monk civilization

Lumbercamp and Mining Camp upgrades double effect
Scale, Chain and Plate Barding Armor are free, but require Blacksmith
Theocracy is free in the Castle Age
Units negate disadventageous effects of fighting uphill

UT Castle Age:
Tibetan Buddhism - Monks +1 conversion range and blast radius healing range (350G/20sec)

UT Imperial Age:
Lamellar Armor - Cavalry +12 cavalry armor (600F/700G/40sec) (I made this when Sicilians weren’t a civ yet)

Team Bonus: Monks +4 hidden armor

Unique Unit: Dharma Warrior
Unconvertable anti-UU Light Cavalry
HP: 70(80)
Armor: 1/2
Attack: 6 (9)
Training Time: 15s
Bonus vs UU-s and Monks
Elite: 950F/600G

Lack Arbalest, Eagles, Hussar, Heavy Camel, Fast Fire, Heavy Demo, Elite CG, Shipwright, Dry Dock, BBT, Sappers, SO, Heavy Scorp, BBC, Heated Shot, Treadmill Crane, Siege Engineers, Guilds, Heavy Plow, Bow Saw

I am not a fan of this. No historical justification or reason over other civs, and you shouldn’t just be able to turn a regular unit into a unique unit. Also, doesn’t have a unique tech grade name or anything, nothing special about this.


The thing of replacing cav with UT is strange, but i see the rest good.

That depend of how many they product

Yeah otherwise it could be broken. It could also mean collecting different amount from different sources. This bonus would be great on nomad type maps with villagers collecting shore fish!

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UU is a hero unit(cant convert self heals) nothing new or unique about it.Converting knights to uus is a bad concept.

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That’s actually very interesting.

I feel like this would be useless. If you get rushed, you’ll likely have more than 5 villagers per resources.

Adding projectiles would be interesting though, maybe 50% the damage of TC. It would be a reference to the Vlachs being hard to invade & every peasant being trained to fight. (In Moldavia, every peasant was required by law to carry a weapon, if you wouldn’t you would be senteced to death)

Interesting, but even a small amount has the potential of being OP imo.

Intereting, it “forces” you to make the Cavalier first if you want a discount.

But I don’t see why you should disable Cavalier should you upgrade the Elite Alpha first. Not getting that 600 resources discount should be a good enough penalty.

And for the Alpha, you have plenty of options to choose from:

A. Viteji (Heavy Cavalry/Melee & Range Cavalry) → Literally “Brave Ones” they are soldiers who gained lands and property through bravery in warfare. The viteji are therefore, as expected, among the most resolute and brave warriors a ruler could ask for. Like many elements of Romanian cavalry, the Viteji show influences both from the East and West, and their style of warfare imitates that of Cuman or Tatar armored horse archers.

By their nature they are very versatile cavalry. In battle, the voievod would use these troops to counter the enemy’s cavalry flanks, either by engaging light cavalry in melee or harassing and exhausting heavy cavalry, then providing the decisive charge into the enemy’s flanks.

B. Calarasi (Light Cavalry/Melee & Range Cavalry) → Călăraşi form a part of the “oastea cea mica” (small host) and are part of the “slujitorii” (servants of the lord). Their name implies they fight on horseback. These soldiers were given land in exchange for military service, and retained their land so long as they remained as a readily-available force for the voievod, and exclusively in the service of the voievod. They are lightly armored, comparable to their curteni, and wield a composite bow. They were a very successful military instrument, remaining a significant part of the Wallachian army up until 1600, and form a potent counter to other horse archers.

C. Curteni (Light cavalry/Lancers) → Literally “Men of the Court” they are the retainers of the boyars whom he takes into battle on horseback. Historically, they acted as a small mounted detachment under the direct command of a boyar. They are not as competent as the Viteji, nor as fast as the Calarasi, but given the tradition of light cavalry in Wallachian armies, they are form a versatile screen for the Calarasi. Their armor is very light, though this aids in their speed. They wield a spear or a lance in battle, omitting the benefit of a ranged weapon in favor of a large shield. They can perform devastating charges repeatedly due to their light equipment, but should not be expected to hold off a well-armed opponent.

D. Nemesi (Heavy Cavalry/Lancers) → Are the equivalent of the Viteji but armed with spears instead of bows. This will be the strongest cavalry unit before the Boyars and the Princely Bodyguard.

So you have: light/heavy melee&range/lancers to choose from.

And some for the infantry:

E. Portar (Halberdier) → Literally “Gatekeeper”, the Portars are Moldavian heavily armored pikemen. The Romanian principalities relied mainly on hit and run tactics with light cavalry and archer units so the Portar will be a valueable anti-rush unit for defense.

F. Armas (Halberdier) → The Wallachian counterpart of the Portar, these are the elite and most loyal infantry any voievod can have. Formed in the 15th century by Vlad Dracula and kept ever since, this powerful corps of infantry were used to counter-act the growing power of the Boyars, and are the only professional, non-mercenary force in the Wallachian army. Alongside their military role, they also act as a corps of gendarmes, keeping order in the country and upholding the voievod’s laws. They were the underlings of the Armas, a boyar who was a member of the Princely Council. They are professional soldiers, paid from the voievod’s coffers, and remain fiercely loyal to him. They are armed with halberds or other polearms, and dress in the best armors available. They are possibly the best-supplied footmen in the country.

Perhaps they can have 2 unique units: the Elite Alpha and an upgrade to the Halberdier.

No, it’s just that if you have already paid for cavalier, why pay for the upgrade twice!? Since the two units are gonna merge anyway.

Think of it like this. With reinforcements, Knights become Alpha. With Elite Alpha, Alpha become Elite Alpha. When you research Cavalier, why do you want your Elite Alpha (which are Knights) to become a weaker version that is Cavalier!?

Permanent. I guess now you could see why I disabled Cavalier.

Burmese already have a better and free version.

There are plenty of things to be done with this in earlier ages. While scout fighting you can garrison your scout in order to tilt an otherwise even fight. Meso civs already have this ability (to garrison their scout). It could also mean hiding the number of cavalry units you have.

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Could UU be called ‘Knight Ordo Draconis’?