Voice actors listing?

In game credits, there are programmers, testers, galactic megadirectors and so on, but not a single word about voice actors of narration and campaign dialogues; is there an official list somewhere? For example, in Italian audio I believe to have recognized Pietro Ubaldi’s voice in Teuton player in last Tamerlano campaign, but I could be wrong. Only some old information is available for HD edition and original AOE2, but they have changed.

We can know everything about who created the visuals, why not knowing who gave voice?


Update: he’s also the narrator of Barbarossa campaign.

Kotyan khan and sforza have same VA and same goes for art of war and Genghis Khan VA as well.Also Stéphane Cornicard, Joan of Arc campaign narrator known for voice providing voice in many strategy games for french characters(Medieval 2 totalwar - French Generals, Napoleon totalwar - Napoleon, Totalwar warhammer 2 - Louen Leoncouer and Age of empires 2 DE - Guy in Joan of Arc).

As for others I dont know very much.

This is the point. With the help of Wikipedia (I admit not knowing French voice actors…), I read he gave his voice to important video games and films. So, some (if not all?) of the voice actors, but surely also the music composers, artists and so on, are (or will become) important ones: then, why not knowing that, for example, the French voice actor who gave his voice to a campaign narration is the same who gave it to a Saving Private Ryan character, or the Italian narrator or Barbarossa campaign has the same voice of captain Barbossa (such a coincidence?) of Pirates of the Caribbean?

I know this is dredging up an old thread but full credits for the game would be great since I’m finding it impossible to track down the voice actor for Jan Zizka in the Bohemian campaign.


I also wonder if they had credits for the actors who did the voice commands for each civ…

Almost impossible, but they deserve their room too. For example, who says the most famous word of the saga… WOLOLO?

I’d propose a contest, in which players rebuild the voice actor list by hearing… perhaps it’s the only way to fill this gap.