Voice over cannot be changed

I want to use the Chinese narration of the game, but after changing the language of the game to Chinese, its voice is still English


Did you select language in game or on steam client?you need download additional voice files by selecting language on game settings on steam client

I bought AOE2DE on the Microsoft Store ,I can use simply chinese text in the game. But the voice is still in English. I heart that many people also have this problem after the update. I hope you could help me to solve this problem.

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I have the same issue

Game Version:

  • Game Build 101.101.40220.0
  • Windows Build 10.0.19041.450
  • Platform: Microsoft Store

Same problem here. I’m playing the Microsoft Store version. The voiceover became English after a certain update , but not a recent one, it’s been quite a while. Maybe this post should be in bug report forum.