Voiceover RoR: ancient languages

In the end you can still understand it, especially after many times it has caught your interest and made you look up the AoE wiki.

That’s true, maybe it must be my thing that I want to understand ancient languages to say words out there since I also use AoE to learn new languages xd…

Well you shouldn’t, even ES days stuff has errors and made up words (the in-game Aztec language is pretty much completely made up).


Yes, I know… I read it on the wikia, the same is still iconic xd…

dang, I thought it was correct (I didn’t even wonder why there were no consonants like “tl”)

If it’s based on any real language, it’s some Mayan dialect.

It is actually a real language. You are correct; it is a Mayan language.

I’d love if it was replaced with actual Nahuatl, but I doubt either FE or the older fans would allow that

There can always be a Toltecs civ that speaks actual Nahuatl.

I think those would have spoken Akkadian, which is more closely related to Arabic than Sumerian.

Yes, that’s why I said that they would speak like the Saracens, although much less clear Arabic…

where are those audio files?

No idea.

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but as a player of the AOK version I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if they made a new Nahuatl dialogue set.

This is a fine idea, and I think it would be kind of cool, but there are tons of other things that I think are higher priorities. Could be an interesting project for independent modders and ancient language enthusiasts though. There’s also the issue of replacing the original dialogue, which, while nonsense, is very iconic nonsense that frankly I find rather charming, and seems kind of fitting for a game that starts in the stone age.

As far as AoE2, this is more of a must-have where there currently are mismatches.

Fans would accept it if it was done. And I have no idea why FE would be against it, apart from having other priorities.

It’s just some people dislike touching anything ES made and at least some FE members seem to be on that camp.

Yes, the idea is not to touch too much so as not to distort the spirit of the game…

Any change you make, someone is going to dislike it. But I’m at least partially in that camp (e.g. I think Celts are nonsense and I don’t really like playing as them, but I don’t think they should be changed significantly) and I wouldn’t have a problem with Aztecs speaking Nahuatl (or other similar changes, e.g. Byzantines speaking Greek, Goths speaking Gothic, Huns speaking something more appropriate if there is anything). Also, it would be easy to provide a mod with the old dialogue for purists.

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I raised this post at first just to see if any modders would pay attention to this point