Vote for 2018

Which Major company had done it’s best so far in RTS??? Caste vote for one of the following only and breifly elaborate your views regarding your vote. Feel free to vote!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Xbox (Known for microsoft studios as well which includes AoE franchise)
  2. Big Huge Games (best known for RoN, AoE III Asian Dynasties, Dominations)
  3. Relic (best known for warhammer series)
  4. Ubisoft (Settlers, Anno series etc)
  5. Haeinmont Games (Known for tropico)
  6. Electronic Arts (best known for Sim City franchise…)
  7. Spell Bound Entertainment (Best known for Wild West rts like Helldrado, Desperados…)
  8. Firefly Studios (Stronghold series)
  9. Bethseda Game Studios (best known for elderscroll, skyrim series…)
  10. Blizzard Entertainment (best known for Starcraft series)

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You must find the difference between Strategy , RTS and RPG.
Replace Xbox with Ensemble Studios.