VOTE: Is user.con allowed in aoe3de?

Before vote,read An Introductory Guide to Customizing Additional Hotkeys - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum please.
if a player add this code in user.con:
map(“=”, “game”, “uiFindAllOfType("WallConnector") uiDeleteAllSelectedUnits”)
can we call this player cheater?

  • Cheater
  • Innocent

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Reprint from the Tieba

It’s stupid that it’s allowed, but it still takes some skill to place the walls correctly to not leave a gap where units can squish through

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Oops thanks I’ll start doing it

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First, I quote the Note from the hotkey guide here.

I think this player here is an exploiter using a developer oversight. The captioned code do 2 gaming inputs with 1 single keypress. as the quote suggested, this is classified as Marco-like action and is considered against many competitive esports TOS.

The use of
map(“=”, “game”, “uiFindAllOfType(“WallConnector”)) only, however, is fine. I do believe the Dev should plug the loop hole of coding multiple action on same map() asap.

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well, i think is in the middle, that code should be on the game by deafult, maybe the code of making the bersagliers attack preferently to the units to which they have damage bonus, can be on all the units using the user.con

I consider people that know this things has advatange and its ridiculous to play agaisnt them, we cannot call it cheat or innocent if there is not a rule that states it as innocent or cheater.

but who cares? nobody is going to check the files and see if someone is cheating or not.

People just must know that their opponents could be using things that can undoubtedly make them have an advantage. So trying to win would be like trying to beat a IA machine on chess, IMPOSSIBLE.


Any person who uses a mod not for visual (say small trees or different colors) or keybindings that allows them to do something in game an opponent cannot is cheating. Its literally that simple, modifying the game to get advatange over oppoment while opponent is unware is cheating. I’ll also note we’ve known about map hacks and macro hacks being utilized so it also calls into question other cheats. Absolutely the person modifying game files to use less apm than opponent in stream vs ranked opponents should be labled as a cheater. If you wanna get better at the game, practice.

Just so others have context, a person streaming was using this and likely other cheats in ranked queue. This wasnt a mod or lobby game but vs real opponents.


I suggest that the Dev team can resolve the controversy surrounding “user.con hotkeys” in the following ways:

  • Adds an in-game “user.con” editor that only writes some “safe for multiplayer commands” and generates checksums to prevent tampering.
  • Split the “user.con” or the map() command into two parts “for the single-player game” and “for the multiplayer game”. The file/map command for multiplayer games will only read some “safe for multiplayer commandString”.
  • Solicit new in-game hotkeys from the player community.

I knew people were cheating holy f***!!!

hahaha smart boy, I’m so lazy that I hardly use the keyboard … to start using mods…

CHEATER :stuck_out_tongue:

the dev team does nothing, they barely create 1 hotkey per year, dont count with that
and yes i have requested hotkeys