🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - January 11

No water map among the dev picks? Well, then voting is easy… Baltic, Four lakes, nomad, there you go… let’s hope for 2/3 at least…

Ooo where’s master of socatra2 and 1 even. Where can I watch?

You can watch mos 1 on jon slows channel, he’s the host. He’ll also cast part 2 once it will happen.


Why do people vote for socotra? That map is pretty trash.


seems like there are some people really liking this map.
Hate it or love it…

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I have been scouring the frontpage of ageofempires. com to find the poll this time around. Did someone forget to pin it? The votes were already done by the time I realised there was a new map pool. Please make this more visible. I literally check the official website every second day to check for new map votes…

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It is pinned in the Aoe2 Discussion as always, until the voting period ends.

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Great map pool this cycle, much better than the previous. Good variety of open/closed, land/water/hybrid. Even some of the ones that didn’t win the vote are interesting and fun, like Baltic, Mongolia, and Valley.

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Indeed, this is the best map pool as a whole since a very long time. Even though a pure water map is missing, it has the tremendous advantage of having Nomad, Hideout, and Four lakes in, so it’s nearly a guarantee to get a fun map that deviates from standard Arabia/Arena gameplay.


Honestly, I see two insta bans(nomad, mega random) that waste bans and a severe lack of a map even coming close to runestones (Arabia currently has way too many claustrophobic hills next to the town center more often than not.) Out of the maps the one that comes closest to runestones is socotra, and the stone piles there are too small even tho I am capable of adapting to it well enough. Four lakes is the next in line, however It’s really not my style, may practice it more later but essentially 2 map bans wasted and a third will likely be used on arabia while starring socotra. Everything else is bearable, but nothing that stands out as enjoyable, socotra being the better of the rotten litter.

Would’ve been much better off and fun with:









It was pinned, but only for a few days
The voting period was way too short.

It was only up for like 3 days and then voting ended 2 days before the 11th.

The dates for the next vote should be annonced sooner ! so that people don’t miss it !

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Steam announcements are broken. Just check the forum once in a while

Clearly other people disagree with you seeing as 46% of them voted for nomad. N2m how many voted for megarandom in team games

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Well, it all depends… I think Kawasan is worse than Four Lakes, and Mongolia is worse than Hideout. And these are exactly the compromise maps that are going to be played when the main preferences (open/closed/water) differ and are banned out by the opponent.
But in the end, this pool is never going to happen anyway, as it doesn’t include Arabia.

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No bans are ‘wasted’. If you ban maps you don’t like, you use your bans exactly as intended.


They’re wasted on entirely different game modes that belong to a different queue.

The voting period was way too short and only very few people voted this time due to that.

There are players out there who believe anything but Arabia to be an “entirely different game modes”.


And their ‘standard’ is wrong.

Any map type is fine - a different game mode is not.

Standard start 1 tc, 3 vils + civ bonuses, 1 normal/eagle scout be it walled or not regardless of if it’s surrounded by water or not closed or not, it’s fine.

Without the standard start is where you enter separate game mode territory.