🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - July 13

It’s that time for you to weigh in on the maps you want to see in the next 1v1 Ranked Map Pool! Here are FOUR of the SEVEN (total) maps that will be showing up in the next map pool update:

Example_1 Example_2 Example_3 Example_4

Now it’s your turn to vote for the THREE (3) maps that you’d like to see join the pool. Of the options below, the three that receive the most votes by Sunday will be added to the map pool next week!

:white_check_mark: VOTING ENDS: 2021-07-11T19:00:00Z

:arrows_counterclockwise: NEW MAP ROTATION: July 13


Vote for your 3 favorite maps! Don’t forget to click the ‘Vote now!’ button at the bottom of the post once you’ve locked in your choices.

  • Choice_1 Acropolis
  • Choice_2 African Clearing
  • Choice_3 Alpine Lakes
  • Choice_4 Cenotes
  • Choice_5 Crater
  • Choice_6 Four Lakes
  • Choice_7 Ravines
  • Choice_8 Salt Marsh
  • Choice_9 Scandinavia

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Thanks for participating in this week’s poll! :white_circle::black_circle:

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Why am I forced to vote 3.
Nothing else other than Salt Marsh or African Clearing that is worth it.

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No new maps in the map pool or voting?! (maps in EW map pool)
Instead we have dev pick like Archpelago or maps like Salt Marsh in the voting :rofl:

Where is Nomad? Please stop ruining this game for me.


I think I wrote this under at least 5 other 1v1 mappool polls in the past but it still holds true:

4Lakes gets voted in every single time it is up for vote in the 1v1 mappool. It has been like that since the voting system has been introduced.

I don’t really see the point in it not being a permanent map. (And no, I am not a big fan of the map. I prefer open land maps… But many people clearly want to play this map).

I feel like every single time 4Lakes is in the mappool we only get to vote on 2 maps instead of 3 because 4Lakes will always make the cut no matter what the other maps are…

african clearing is a nomad start, isn’t it?

Interestingly some of the nomad community people love African clearing while some others despise it :thinking:


Now 3 rotations in a row without option to vote for normal Nomad. Please include it.

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I agree a lot of the best maps in either mode is found on EW. Surprised we didn’t see at least one highly regarded EW map offered here. A lot of the EW maps much more unique and suited to 1v1 RM imo

Crater is the only original and funny map of the rotation, but sadly it won’t pass the cut. The rest are more or less the same thing with different name. People walling, fast castle, scouts or archers in almost every game. It is a race about who walls its base first. Crater requires another style, games are faster and different. Hiding behind your walls and do the same in every game don’t work there. And every civ work in Crater, not like other maps in which some civs are clearly better than others.

African Clearing is different too, but I don’t like Nomad maps. The rest are more or less the same. Boring rotation.


Plz just remove nomad mapa from the ranked queue. They can be fun maps but for a lobby bc its so heavy luck based…

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Perhaps an unpopular opinion:

Thank you aoe community for having such a diverse and exciting range of maps. There are maps that show up on these votes that I’ve never played and there are many more that won’t show up. There are maps that people are seriously passionate or divided about and people are commenting for more of the maps they like. I think that’s great. It is an impossible task to please everyone every month and I feel for those who only like to play 1 type of map, but it is a great testament to the map creators that certain maps gain a following and community and it is great that I get to experience those occasionally through this voting system.

And yes I have favourites and yes I get disappointed too. Please keep making more maps though!


It is pretty funny to see two kind of post about Nomad all the time:

  1. Post like you. People who want to remove nomad from the map pool.
  2. Post of players who think Nomad should be a fixed map in the map pool, like Arabia, Black Forest (TG only) and Arena.

That shows the diversity of the maps people like.

Auto micro auto macro auto everything, auto macro auto macro auto everything!

From 717 voters being at 48% the map is barely any popular just for like 345 people actually, keep in mind its the same voters all the time, from 30k players using multiplayer, this voting system has no value and doesn’t represent at all players preference the sample is just too small, 4 lakes is one of the most common banned maps, but there are even worse maps in the pool meaning that people chose it to avoid salt marsh or alpine likes.


You might ban it a lot, but i dont think this statement is true at all. The play rate is also pretty good consider other maps afaik.


If you look at tracking websites such as aoestats.io you will find that 4Lakes has the highest 1v1 playrate (after Arabia/Arena)… With almost a million 1v1 matches tracked. That’s pretty statistically significant…


any change we can start getting some of the hidden cup 4 maps in the 1v1 map pool, like cup, bay, etc.? Just try in the voting to see if they get votes from the community

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Yes I would to try out pants and others from HC