🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - May 31

It’s that time for you to weigh in on the maps you want to see in the next 1v1 Ranked Map Pool! Here are FOUR of the SEVEN (total) maps that will be showing up in the next map pool update:

Example_1 Example_2 Example_3 Example_4

Now it’s your turn to vote for the THREE (3) maps that you’d like to see join the pool. Of the options below, the three that receive the most votes by Sunday will be added to the map pool next week!

:white_check_mark: VOTING ENDS: 2022-05-29T19:00:00Z

:arrows_counterclockwise: NEW MAP ROTATION: May 31


Vote for your 3 favorite maps! Don’t forget to click the ‘Vote now!’ button at the bottom of the post once you’ve locked in your choices.

  • Choice_1 City of Lakes
  • Choice_2 Enclosed
  • Choice_3 Fortress
  • Choice_4 Gold Rush
  • Choice_5 Land Madness
  • Choice_6 Land Nomad
  • Choice_7 Lowland
  • Choice_8 Rivers
  • Choice_9 Socotra

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Thanks for participating in this week’s poll! :white_circle::black_circle:

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I refuse to vote because you didn’t include Nomad as an option.

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why no forrest nothing?


because it’s not a good map for competitive play in 1v1?


I got the feeling this new map pool is bad… Hopefully some good maps win the voting.

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Arena, Arabia and Four Lakes are all commonly included maps in the pool, either by mandate or vote.

But ARCHIPELAGO is trash. And I also see some trash maps in the voting. So I hope they don’t win.

Why are land madness and socotra so high, I hate those maps

No African Clearing sadge

I’m just sad Hideout is gone again. I haven’t had a game that wasn’t fun on it yet. Guess I’ll have to try Land Nomad for this rotation…

It’s totally not! It has its charm.

You could be alone in your island.

You could not…

Find out

There is a Land Nomad… Or do you like hybrid meta?

nomad and land nomad are two very different things.
the two most popular nomad maps (by far) are nomad and African clearing.

Enclosed is kinda Hideout. Unfortunately, it will never be selected. People like familiar maps.

Well the issue with these votings is always that people have three votes. So people that like open ones vote 3x for these, same as people who like closed maps. So as there is a majority for the former everyone will get 3 open maps even if that majority is only 60% of players. Tbh I think it would be better if everyone had one vote for this reason. This is gonna be ze wurst map pool ever 11


I think if it was only one vote, it would shift the pool over to the extremes because fans of open/closed would vote coordinate to get one of their favorites in. You wouldn’t even have to hold a poll, you’d likely get a Nomad map, the most open one available and the most closed one available.

I do absolutely agree that the rotation system has to be reworked, maybe something like to split the voting into categories (Open, Closed, Nomad, Water etc…), and I’d also support the option of two stars in game, a silver one for the favorite map, similar to the current star, and a gold star if you want to play only one map exclusively, but you’ll only be matched with other people who starred it, so you’d have to wait longer in queue but fans of a map get to play each other.

Or idk, I’m just rambling here. I doubt any significant change will be made any time soon so I just enjoy it when one of my faves comes around.


This voting seems different… We will get two open maps and one nomad. Even the fourth map is an open map. And that with only one kinda closed map (fortress) in the map pool. You would image that the closed map voters will en mass vote on fortress if your theory is true. But it didnt happen.

City of Lakes, let’s goo!

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In the end socotra got voted in