🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - October 06

Do we really want Arena 3x in the map pool? Arena, Hide Out and Fortress are all kind of the same :laughing:
I’ll need more than 3 bans, since Nile Delta is also crap.

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The reason why Arabia has a 60% playrate is because Arabia is life and everything else is potatoe. Arabia would have a 60% playrate even with 20 maps constantly in the map pool, just because 60% of players wish to play Arabia only. Especially since they made it slightly more open and more consistent last patch.


Not exactly though. It’s a LOT easier to play very agressive on Hideout. There’s a lot of feudal rushes, towerrushes and a way easier time to push with mangonels there.

It’s kind of nice to play some different maps once in a while that you never get to play like Nile delta. Unranked lobby is much more of a hassle to find equal opponents and takes way too long compared to ranked.


Agreed. Hideout allows for more variation in strategy than Arena does.

That’s not quite what I mean.
Right now I play about 90% of my matches on Arabia and 10% on Arena.
I do like other maps however (like Hideout and 4 Lakes). I just don’t feel comfortable investing time practicing map specific strategies for those maps if I do not know if they will be out of rotation for 1 or 2 month.

Don’t get me wrong, Arabia would probably still be my most played map if we had fixed returning maps like I proposed. But I would probably only play 40% of my games on it instead of 90%…

RIP this map pool. One of the worst map pools since they introduce the voting. I have think i have to unban Arabia to be able to play fun maps.

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