🗳 VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - October 20!

It’s that time for you to weigh in on the maps you want to see in the next 1v1 Ranked Map Pool! Here are FOUR of the SEVEN (total) maps that will be showing up in the next map pool update:


Now it’s your turn to vote for the THREE (3) maps that you’d like to see join the pool. Of the options below, the three that receive the most votes by Sunday will be added to the map pool on October 20!

:white_check_mark: VOTING ENDS: 2020-10-18T19:00:00Z

:white_check_mark: NEW MAP ROTATION: October 20


Vote for your 3 favorite maps! Don’t forget to click the ‘Vote now!’ button at the bottom of the post once you’ve locked in your choices.

  • Black Forest
  • Four Lakes
  • Golden Pit
  • Hamburger
  • Land Nomad
  • Mediterranean
  • MegaRandom
  • Mongolia
  • Ravines

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Thanks for participating in this week’s poll! :white_circle::black_circle:


I think the Ravine map has the Serengueti logo


Yeah i wonder now is it serengueti or ravine?!

New maps again and I didn’t even get to play Nile Delta yet :smiley:

Now, jokes aside, just as I suggested on the last rotation (and a few times before) -> four Lakes should be on a constant rotation (for example every other two weeks) -> instead of the Dev picks!

Why? If 4Lakes is in the mappool -> it definitely gets voted in because it is popular.
Meanwhile the Devs force less popular maps like Archipelago on us.

Let me be clear, I am not hating on Archipelago, but now we are only voting on 2 maps because 4Lakes will definitely take a spot. (Or maybe just 1 because all of the “Arabia only” player always vote for golden Pit…).

If we had the fan favourites on constant rotation and not in the voting pool we could actually see some interesting map picks like Hamburger or yes, even a map like Archipelago voted in without divine Dev intervention…


I think our community has abundance of creative map makers. Why not have a map script creation contest, vote among the contestants and have the winner in ranked map pool for a change?


We can get BF in the 1v1 map pool, but no one is voting for that map?!

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Does that really surprise you?

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Where’s my lovely Serengeti :sob:

Ofc not.

Agree totally! Yet, Arabia is still the best for a reason…

But, I think water map like Archipelago should take at least one space in the map pool. Majority of players who don’t want to play water map just can ban water map, but minor players who want to play water map take out their all chance of getting water map if water map is out of the mappool. Designate less popular map but playstyle is very different from other map (Also small number of players enjoy) is needed to guarantee some varieties in map pool.

Honestly, I think 7 map in mappool is just not enough to include many varieties and “Interesting map pick”.
Arabia/Arena, and at least one more open land map, and one water map, and popular other map such as 4Lakes/Hideout, then we have only 2 left space for “fresh map”. It is better to increase map pool rotation to 1 month and increase the number of map in mappool to 9 maps like a few months ago. It is better to guarantee more varieties in map pool.

Or just keep 7 map in mappool and 1 interesting map is not that bad. Actually 2 weeks are not long enough to enjoy single fresh map which is not that enjoyed by majority of players. And I think some popular map such as 4Lakes/Hideout should appear more often in the mappool such as 2 map pool in a row and take out 1 map pool to guarantee space for “fresh” map.


I hope Hamburger get some votes. I would like to see a new map in the map pool. We havent ever had Hamburger in the map pool.

Seriously? Hamburger was winning. I don’t get why people pick mega random, if after they don’t pick random civs and always play mayans

with some luck the loser between those 2 (Hamburger and MR) will be a dev pick in the next cycle.

I rarely see Mayans on MR, but I do agree that MR RandomCiv would be nice.

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I want both megarandom and Hamburger. We haven’t see hamburger and nice to try. It’s nice to see if one of them become next dev’s pick

It seems really close for 3th… Some minutes ago Hamburger was #3. Now it is again MegaRandom.

I agree with the previous poster that the map pool should change less frequently but have 9 maps (and 4 bans).
Instead of one preferred map I’d like to see map preference rankings so that (if lobby randomly selects your preferences) you get your most preferred map out of the unbanned maps.
In this site the map rotation voting could be made in categories to make sure there is at least one water map and at least one non-arena closed map etc. based on voting.
Finally I’d wish to see an Empire wars queue tried out, I see it having at least as much potential popularity than the deathmatch queue. This is my bucket list for Christmas.

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It would be cool to see “Random Land Map” added as an option in the map pool. I think this would be popular, at least with me.


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