VOTE NOW on the Winter/Spring 2022-23 Screenshot Contest Finalists!

Hey all,

We had an amazing and very long Winter 2022-23 screenshot contest that kind of bled over into the spring as well. The thread is finally closed, and now it’s time to vote on the screenshot champion!

See the original thread here

Since the contest went so long, there is bias in that earlier posts in the original thread have more votes than later posts. So I stratified the results into four categories: November 2022, December 2022, January 2023, and Feb-May 2023. I am taking the two screenshots with the highest votes for each of these categories.

Note: there were a couple posts in the original thread that had some great images, but they did not follow one of the basic rules which is one screenshot per post. So they haven’t been counted. Sorry. It’s too much work for me to track you down and ask you which of the images from your post you want to count for final judging, and it’s also not fair if you’re creating multiple scenes in one post to compete against other people who only post 1 screen. Heed this rule for the future!

Voting will work like: this thread will be open for ONE WEEK. At the end of that time, the image with highest number of Likes will be declared the winner!



@AL6984 created “Untitled Country Scene”, which received 36 likes in November.


McCleves_42_Rooftop View on Saragossa

@McCleves created “Rooftop View on Saragossa”, which received 42 likes in November.


EntombedCurve02_26_An icy mission

@EntombedCurve02 created “An Icy Mission”, which received 26 likes in December.


Squamiger_26_Skirmish in the Old Quarter

@squamiger8043 created “Skirmish in the Old Quarter”, which received 26 likes in December.


Stark22e_24_El Dorado - The City of Gold

@Stark22e created “El Dorado - The City of Gold”, which received 24 likes in January.


YiAtlas_18_A Walk on Yongqing Lake

@YiAtlas created “A Walk on Yongqing Lake”, which received 18 likes in January.


Arcadius231_11_Ohio - 1755

@Arcadius231 created “Ohio - 1755”, which received 11 likes in the Feb-May period.


SealingEar046_12_En la costa Yucateca

SealingEar046 created “En la costa Yucateca”, which received 12 likes in the Feb-May period.

for some reason when I try to @ this creator’s name, the site changes it to #########, anyone know why?


Giving this a little bump!

This is pretty impressive work but visually it lacks completeness, there are still black spots in some areas.

I like the cathedral and the japanese bridge one.

I love these images - they’re all really creative, with some seeming far removed from a top-down RTS game :smiley:

For the record I really like ‘Untitled Country Scene’ and ‘Skirmish in the Old Quarter’.

last bump! Winners announced tomorrow! Get your votes in!

low submissions this time? Is the summer one starting soon

Lots of submissions, just not a lot of votes on this finalist thread

OK THE VOTING IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED, and @YiAtlas is your Winter/Spring 2022-23 Screenshot Contest Winner, with 15 finalist votes for their “A Walk on Yongqing Lake”! Congratulations! Also congrats to all the finalists and thanks everyone for participating!

Look out for the next screenshot contest soon!