🗳 VOTE NOW! Team Game Ranked Map Rotation - May 31

I remember the last time i played Alpine Lakes in ranked TG. The year was 1999 ;_;

But all joking aside, can people please remove their votes so Alpine Lakes is chosen? please? 11 And Mountain Pass too, please and thank you! :rofl:

But seriously, Nomad wins every time, i agree with the people that want it as a permanent map. :+1:

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People only vote in maps they’re familiar with so Desert Black Forest (Oasis) and Gold rush/pit will always get voted in if they’re up there.

There aren’t really much better options in the map voting this time. That is way it gets voted in.

I think there should be at least one “team map” like Lombardia, Hill Fort, Amazon tunnel and Team Moats, given the name that it is called Team Game, which allow 4 players in a team battle with 4 players in another team, instead of just two separated 2v2.

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