Vote on future DLC civ-expansion by region (poll)

2 choices seem kind of low imo…

Sorry India, going with Asia

I never get why does polls you create are always limited to two choices so that the guys who just want Euro and Caucasian can get all the options they need while the rest gets diluted done giving the false impression Euro and Caucasian civs are more popular than the rest smh.

Give us all options to vote if we’d like to see all. That’s how I did it too.


Fair point but I was trying to be realistic. We don’t know how much more civ space remains and how many more expansions they are willing or able to release.
My thinking was that this poll will be outdated by the time two new DLCs are released.

What I wrote above - also it isn’t unfair since we can clearly distinguish what regions are the most requested.
Allowing for more than 2 votes would be unjust towards people who don’t want to pick too many options or none at all.

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Why would that be unfair? Quite the contrary actually, if I want e.g. Asian, African, American, Caucasian and Indian civs, I have to pick two of those, even if I’d like to see them on an equival level. Especially considering how you split the option of Asian and Indian while you kept Europe as a whole is questionable too.

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Just settle for which you’d prefer most in the near future. I doubt we can expect them to release 5 DLCs at about the same time.

I split Europe into Europe and the Caucasus too. If I split Europe further, you would then go ahead and complain about that. Can’t do it right for everyone it seems.

People like me who’d also like civs from Europe and the Caucasus have to set priorities too for this to make sense.
However as you can see I’m not biased since I voted for Africa and Asia instead because I feel like they still lack more representation.


You know I did it this way (I just forgot the Caucasus which I’m sorry):

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I don’t think Tibetans could be added in the future expansion region because of Communist party of China’s intervention. But, surely looking forward for Ghanaians, Nubians and Somalis.


Thow art forgiven…

I too would love to have them added. I would enjoy creating and fighting the battle of Talas. So many differing factions in one battle, intense is the word.

You know what, I would like to see Georgians too but not right now. After they’ve revisited India, America and Africa I’m fine with that and that’s why I can’t really do anything with how this poll is setup. To be honest, I find this a pretty bad poll.

And I’m sure that AOE2:DE will be getting lots and lots of DLCs. At least I hope so.


Not to mention, Battle of Dongola which was fought between Makurians (were a faction of Nubia) and Rashidun Caliphate.

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If there’re four choices I’d go with Africa, Asia, Caucasus, and the Americas, but since we only have two, I’d prioritize Asia and Africa.

Anyways, here’s the list of civs that I’d like to see in future DLCs

Asia-Pacific: Jurchens, Tanguts, Chams, Siamese

Central Asia: Afghans, Sogdians

India: Tamils

Africa: Swahili, Kanem-Bornu, Congolese

Caucasus: Georgians, Armenians

Americas: Chimu, Mississippians, Anasazi


If you want to pick no more civs, pick no more civs, if you only want to see civs from 2 of the regions, pick those 2 regions. It isn’t unfair, it just helps your goals


No it wouldnt. We will get more than 2 DLCs

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Not more than 2 in the near future.

I think its more than fair to allow people to vote for stuff that isnt coming in the near future.

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It’s pointless as many things might have changed by then. This is about the two most important regions to everyone that should be selected for upcoming expansions, which is relevant as of now.

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Imo knowing how much people want stuff from a region is far more important than making them decide whats next which is kind of what this poll does.

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Caucasus for sure. Gotta love that cuisine.

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  1. Africa
    The most underrepresented region. Comparable to Eurasia in the Middle Ages.
  2. Eastern Asia
    The most potential. Koreans, Chinese and Japanese have no campaign.
  3. Caucasus
    Not represented
  4. India
  5. Europe
    Serbs, Croats, Vlachs and Swiss are the leftover civs.
  6. America
    Only metal users with stone masonry are acceptable to me.