[Polls] On regards to new civs

I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible. There’s also an option for no more new civs for those who like to vote that way. I’ve written a civ next to a region which already features one so that people get an idea what I mean with each.

Civs from which regions would you like to see?

  • We have enough civs.
  • West Africa (Mali,…
  • North Africa (Berbers,…
  • East Africa (Ethiopians,…
  • Central Africa
  • South Africa
  • North America
  • Central America (Maya,…
  • South America (Inca,…
  • Middle Eastern (Saracens,…
  • Central Asia (Cumans,…
  • Eastern Asia (Chinese,…
  • South Asia (Indians,…
  • North Asian
  • South East Asia (Khmer,…
  • Western Europe (Franks,…
  • Eastern Europe (Slavs,…
  • Central Europe (Teutons,…
  • Southern Europe (Italians,…
  • Northern Europe (Vikings,…
  • Oceania

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This second polls asks generally speaking about what you think should be the approach in regards for new civs. The second option “We have enough for now” can basically also mean “I don’t care either”.

  • No more new civs
  • We have enough for now
  • I’d love to see new civs

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  • Civ design should be rather conservative (e.g. Berries gather 20%)
  • I like both conservative and bold civ design
  • Civ design should be bold (e.g. Cumans 2nd Feudal TC

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  • Single use unique technologies are fine.
  • Single use unique technologies are lame
  • I don’t care either.

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The last one is in regards to graphics and audio of civs:

  • New civs should have new architecture sets
  • New civs don’t have to use new architecture sets
  • I don’t care either

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  • New civs should have unique voice lines (e.g. Byzantines-Italians)
  • New civs don’t have to use unique voice lines

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This is a good poll.


Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t like the ones I’ve seen so far, so decided to create my own.


this is definitely how you setup a poll. i’m all for more civs, but i don’t think we need hordes of them, i’d top out at around 45-50.


45-50 would be an amazing number to reach ngl as long as they’re unique and balanced.


i don’t think we need crazy bonuses either though, not a fan of the new civs UTs.
the rest of the design? not such a big deal, but their UT give me cause for concern.


What civs for North Asian?


I’ve edited the architecture poll. Sorry that you have to vote again on that regard.

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I honestly don’t know. It’s an option I wanted to put in. Maybe somebody can help me on that regard.

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Maybe the ethnicities found in Russia?


I think some turkic people from Siberia.

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We aren’t going to split the Russians into ethnicities, this will be stupid.

I said maybe as I have no idea of Northern Asian Civs. 11

Evenkis and Sibirs

@IICumanicus could you tell me when the right time for new civs would be?

Why does the second poll have one answer for yes and two for no?

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The second option was meant for those who are like, I don’t want civs right now, but they can come in 3-4 years. It’s not really a yes or no.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

I believe game has enough civs ( 35, 37 with DLC ). But if we got “first” expansion as developers said, for sure we will get more.

Then pick the second option I’d say.

I already picked Europe.

I would like to see civs from other regions than Europe. But IMO developers had no clue how to proper show them in game. For example Burmese are mostly one trick pony with unit Arambai that destroy everything and anything in Castle Age. And American Civs are just pure science fiction with soldiers cover in feathers had more pierce armor than european footman in heavy armour or things like tech tree where Aztecs had one of the best siege on the world. This ofcourse only my opinion.