Vote to Bring Back El Dorado Campaign

Noticed El Dorado has been replaced by a 4th new campaign: Pachacuti? Loved El Dorado and want to play the remake? Let the devs know below!

  • Bring back El Dorado
  • Nah

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I say keep Pachauchi but remake El Dorado as well.


That’s exactly what I want. Just have both. Evan says it might be a custom Campaign but isn’t sure


I hope so!

I wonder if it’s just hidden away like the E3 scenario is?

Yeah please bring it back alongside the new campaign.


It would be good if developers would publish removed/replaced HD campaigns in DE as a mod. Else people need to import those campaigns by copying files themlseves and I am not sure, how hard would that be.

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at least, but seems is more than a political context.
You know, isn’t the same having the campaign in the final game than importing as a mod (no narration, no voices and not the same).

True, but they have already done a lot of work and I would be grateful even if they would publish El Dorado as it is in HD.

Does anyone know why it was removed/replaced anyway?

I never played through all the Forgotten campaigns (and the ones released afterwards) so I’m unsure what changes have been made, but I did read about El Dorado being replaced.

What’s the story there?

America needs more campaigns to be fair, it only has Monctezuma and Pachacuti (and Dos Pilas if we add historical battles), I’m supporting the idea to keep both campaigns.


It looks to me that all the Forgotten campaigns have been redone, not just the Inca one. Or at least their first missions are different (so Alaric, Bari, Sforza, Vlad and even Prithviraj). Great stuff if you ask me :smiley:

Yeah they got redone but they full on replaced El Dorado

That’s what I said, they replaced ALL the Forgotten campaigns, not just El Dorado (although that’s the only one whose name they changed in the process). :slight_smile:

well with the other campaigns they were redone to have new missions or redone objectives however the difference with El Dorado is its entirely different. Like no just a name change or redone missions like the story itself is different.

So it looks like they removed the El Dorado campaign and replaced it with Pachacuti which really sucks. Could’ve had both


Is there any explanation for that?

Pachacuti sucks? Why? I haven’t tried it yet.

It sucks that they full on removed it without saying a peep

Ah I see. But I think El Dorado was very amateurish campaign and not so accurate historically. They might removed it for this reason.


I say have both of them available, My computer was unable to accept Forgotten Kingdoms when it came out and I liked the El Dorado campaign on Youtube.