Voting for Map Pool did not work...?

I guess something messed up here? No way that every single map in 1vs1 pool AND also TG pool all received either 10% or 11% of the vote. This is in the realms of statistical impossibility. Anybody know what has happened?

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  • the percentages are wrong

  • the order of the maps is chnaged

  • the stars I gave are shown wrong

  • the winning maps might still be the right ones

Black Forest and Atacama winning makes sense. Land madness is a bit surpisring, but possible. Maybe it is just a display bug.


I was like, that was really close, but yeah it seems like a bug

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Even that looks buggy. For 1v1 find it hard to believe that neither Four Lakes, Nomad, nor Hideout makes it, since these maps are relatively popular.

But the set of winning maps is even less even less plausible for the team game votes, there it looks completely random.

I hope this is all a bug and will be corrected. Otherwise the 1v1 map pool will be abysmal once again, i.e., without any hybrid/water option at all.