Voting to Saving should be Removed

I was trying to play online today with one of my friends when we experienced two separate crashes in two different games. In the first game, I (the host) crashes out. I tried to get my friend to save the game before I was considered out, but for some dumb reason, he can’t save the game. So we restarted. Next match, he crashed out. I tried to save the match before he was considered out, but was blocked by a vote screen. I couldn’t bypass this as it still considered him in the game and waited for his vote. The game wouldn’t let me save until he was registered out. At that point, it was absolutely pointless to save the match as he could no longer join when I reloaded.

I understand crashes are gonna happen, as infuriating as they are. But for the love of god, at least let us have some way to recover our matches.

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