VRAM constantly high after game

This happens to me a lot of time, where after a long battle or short battles, memory is not cleaned after finishing a game. As is shown below, my GPU memory, both dedicated and shared are full before I exit the game process. It just does not make sense.

(My graphics settings are low)

I don’t know if you have a question on this!?

I mean the game uses up to 3gb video memory on lowest graphics, that’s normal.
Also if you quit a match and go back to main menu, the memory and video memory stays allocated.
It’s only set free if you close the program and go back to desktop.

If you have performance issues, close all programs except the game, give your non dedicated gpu 4gb of video memory, set graphics to lowest and hope for the best.

Also make sure to restart the game a lot, like after every multiplayer game.

According to steam, minimum requirement of the game is 2gb. I can’t imagine how these people play if that’s normal.

That is what I reported. And it sounds like a bug to me.

That is not how a program is supposed to work.

If I start the game and launch a 4v4 vs the AI, my game immediatly allocates 1.8gb of video memory. Windows 10 uses 400mb with all programs closed.
So you exceed the 2gb system requirement for sure, the next question is how that impacts the frames.

I have one machine with 4gb of video memory and I am fine all the time, so I can’t judge this.

It can also be a feature, so that the memories don’t have to reloaded upon every match launched.
Some other video games have it, too.

Nobody intends to have memory leaks or unhandled exceptions in their app. But it is what it is. Software engineering changed a lot the last 10 years, the development staff is probably yanked together from fiverr, craigslist and linkedin.