VSync drops Framerate much lower than expected refresh rate

Game Version:

(Steam Release)


When I switch on VSync, my framerate jumps around 35 and 45 FPS, and often stays around 40. This is not the expected 60 of my Monitor’s refresh rate… With Vsync off, I can have a framerate up to 160, so I’m sure it’s not an issue with performance and more of an issue with Vsync. I have seen others in the Age of Empires discord report similar issues.

Reproduction Steps:

In my case, I ran a scenario test from the Editor, saw I had 130-160 FPS, then switched on VSync and observed it drop below 60, then switched off Vsync and saw my framerate return to 130-160.


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I think it’s a frame pacing issue. The FPS counter jumping all over the place is probably because frame output isn’t consistent. If the FPS counter uses a very narrow resolution (e.g. last 2 frames divided by time elapsed) then it will jump around like crazy while the game is trying to output 60 fps on average.

I’ve been testing for over an hour to no avail. I’m not touching this game until it’s fixed soon, or I’m getting a refund.

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I have the same problem. my video card: gtx 1050 I get 80-90 fps when vsync is off. When I open it falls between 35-40, I will return the game.