Wall Building Issues?

Does anyone else have issues with placing walls?

I find that when trying to wall swamps or mountain sides there are gaps at the corners that units just walk around. I’m not entirely sure you can even place a single piece of wall so this makes it even harder to patch.

Also, not being able to build walls directly to a resource node (has to be at least a space away) and not being able to place a gates in advance can make it harder than it should be.

A lot of times when I place a wall and then a gate the villager either only builds the wall or the gate and stops. Or if the gate is under construction it seemly randomly self destructs early in the build process taking out multiple pieces of finished wall.

I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing similar or other issues.


YES. I often have issues with inexplicably being unable to place wall sections in empty areas for reasons that are unclear; walls seeming to have a gap between themselves and the nearby water / mountain / whatever that they are intended to butt up against; and the issue whereby you can only build gates on a wall section that has already been successfully constructed (which I hope is considered a bug by the developers; it’s annoying and functionally different from every other Age game I’ve played previously).