Wall problem

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Microsoft Store

Wall problem

Reproduction Steps:
Build walls

And can we change the interface resolution, because the picture of the building is impossible so watch.

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere- I googled but could not find an answer.

I just started playing AOE2 definitive edition. For some reason walls and bridges are only half shown.
Anybody an idea why or how to fix this issue?

I initially thought is was a quirk of the game, until I watched some videos on youtube and realised the issue.

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Try to reinstall enhanced graphics DLC

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Yeah, check if that happens with the UHD disenabled too.


I installed the enhanced graphics and started the game. Worked fine.
Then disabled the enhanced graphics and restarted the game.

Seems to have fixed the problem and works correctly now (I play without enhanced graphics on 1080p)