Wall & Siege Rebalancing

One of the greatest additions of AoE4 ist the ability to man walls, something i was dreaming of since AoE2.
However, the mechanic is underdeveloped:

  • Stone Walls are too cheap (easy to spam) and weak (easy to destroy with canons)
  • Siege Towers are essentially useless, since walls are easier to destroy than to mount
  • Ranged units on walls only have minimal bonus damage (making the effect neglible)

Here is my proposition to fix the whole siege gameplay (potentially as a mod or tuning pack):

  • Make Stone Walls only accessbile in castle age (maybe with alterations for specific civs)
  • Make Stone Walls more expensive, significantly stronger and increase build time (improving on the feeling of actually building something “rock solid”)
  • Increase bonus damage and armor of units on walls (improving the effect of a defensive position)
  • Increase health of siege towers (making them high value targets in siege situations)
  • Signficantly decrease cannon damage to Stone Walls, and/or increase cost and/or population count for canons
  • Adjust destruction model of walls to smaller parts (so 2 canon hits dont take out an entire section, allowing hundres of units to pass through, but make the whole siege more tactical)

Happy to hear your thoughts on how to make better use of the great mechanics already in the game to move toward epic siege gameplay.


If was for me I would erase cannons from game XD.

Also mangonels are nearly impossible to kill with archers and such and clean the top of the walls too easy… Actually be on the wall makes easier for mangonels kill them since are together haha.

Siege is a huge fail on the game


Actually, units on the wall take 80% reduced damage so it is there

I do agree that the walls should be in smaller sections, so the gap will be thinner, not wide.

Not sure making it expensive. Currently, sieges are too OP, to the point almost game-breaking. I think if they balance the sieges, the walls should feel better.



Also even with the defense buff (not sure how much increase defense) mangonels clean the units on the wall.
Or cannons break the wall in seconds.

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I feel like nerfing the seige units is a first step in the right direction, and that will make walls much more efficient and stronger at the same time.

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stronger and less damage, I don’t like it, I think you come from age2, no, I prefer age4’s style!