Walls and keeps need to be nerfed HARD

Hmm maybe.

I do think though that the longer the game goes on attacking should become stronger and defense weaker.

well, yes, but thing is, siege scaling isn’t perfect here either, you cannot tweak one without taking a look at the other

It is unbalanced, the trebuchet has low Dps in castle age and the cannons do a lot of damage in imperial

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I think a wall and castle should stay a wall and castle no matter what age you’re in. This is Age of Empires they haven’t invented aircraft yet. Or do you just want a game where armies attack each other like in modern times? I think people want to slowly make this game more like StarCraft, and I love StarCraft too, but this isn’t StarCraft and not everything should be catered around multiplayer sports. I’m obviously just talking from my own personal perspective, so what I say is not correct, but that’s my opinion on Age of Empires, you get to have castles and sieges, if you don’t want it, play another game, it’s why we get to have different games in different eras that plays differently.


Who has commented that a stone wall and a castle shouldn’t have relevance in the game?

Obviously, in casual games and thanks to mods, it can be balanced as you wish, but in competitive games it must be viable without being broken or generating games with little dynamism.


Here, the fragment, listen to the opinion about the walls

No i hate being raided from every side and people targeting my villager instead of army. I don’t want walls to be nerfed.

The only thing i could accept is if it wasn’t possible to repair (or much slower) a building that is being attacked. Would also make sense thematically… Why can i repair stuff that is being destroyed…

Another thing they could do is a age 3 tech that increases the HP of stone walls. So by default it would have much less HP but when upgraded it would be the same than now. That would solve SO MUCH the no-stone wall rule in age 2 in tournaments without preventing people from using a turtle strategy if they like

But I really dont wish for a generic nerf, because some players like it. Not everyone wants to be managing 5 armies everywhere on the map


I also thought of a technology for stone walls but I like the way that aoe2 does it better. On the other hand, don’t worry, the developers also take casual players into consideration, because they are the majority of the ladder

Personally i like the tech more because it gives agency, and playera have to choose between spending those resources on wall or other tech, the tech could also be in the blacksmith so if you spend it on walls you can take time from your military tech.

Could even be a age 2 tech that allow you to build stone walls. Without it no stone walls. I think it would make sense since you also need a tech for rams.

I hope it will be liked by casual gamers

If you listen to the phrases of Zun Tzu (art of war), you will understand the risks of besieging a city, so the game must balance defenses for the benefit of playability, not realism. May the walls be strong in imperial not before


the static wars of the first world war, not even “Company of Heroes” has made a game of that time

Lucifron complains about the game’s defenses, I’m sorry but it’s in Spanish


Vortix: I would like to nerf walls and keeps, but that’s something I like, personally

I’m sorry, it’s in Spanish

Do you understand spanish and if yes can you say what Lucifron is talking about more precisely? But yeah, it’s no surprise they do want to nerf walls and keeps, both slow the game down and do not go along well with esports. On a potential different game mode for more casual playstyles walls and keeps could stay as they are or even be stronger, whatever the community prefers.

For me it is totally boring, as Vortix says, with bottlenecks between a wall opening, accumulating resources, endless.
A few slight changes can make a game of a casual player, which lasts 60 minutes, if it is reduced to 50 minutes, it does not seem drastic to me, I ask for a little condescension on your part too, for the love of God

Is it a good idea to please 5% for E-Sports,
but alienate 90% of RTS people who do actually play the game the way it is?
This way of “E-Sport” did kill too many RTS franchises.

Maybe you are not familiar with RTS gaming, but thats always backfires.
Age of empires is kind of the last bastion RTS people have.


point out, where are the extreme proposals that we are making, if you can, good luck, I myself have said that the majority of the community is casual

Why not try cater to both, esports and casual communities, with different game modes?