Walls for water bodies

I believe there should be walls in water


Like both wooden and stone? That makes no sense at all. The medieval world did not have the manpower to make walls miles out into sea. I don’t recall in any naval history about ships being stopped or slowed down by walls being built by fishing ships. (it’s the unit that would make them)

there are seawalls in the game, check out the scenario editor.


Look i don’t really appreciate negative ideas thoughts or replies. I like ideas tht would help to make it work.
Yes u r right tht no one has ever built walls on sea. But u r wrong tht walls are nvr made on water bodies during medieval times. They have made walls during tht time nd my city is perfect example

My idea wasn’t to build on sea or deep water bodies in aoe2 we all have seen tht rivers aren’t usually as deep as sea nd making walls on sea will sabotage naval fights and strategies but it could be used on lake rivers such water bodies.

It won’t look similar to normal walls it should be more costly nd weaker than normal walls and there won’t be those palisades walls but only stone and fortified walls.

Though, Wooden walls could be use for those shallow waters where units move and fight but can’t build anything

We can’t create it in multiplayer mode in skirmish or in campaign. I want tht we could build it

How do you plan to build this sea fortifications in game without a builder ship?

there are watery areas like in mangrove jungle for example that you can walk over but not build on, i suggest using the sea walls as a version of the palisades that could be built on these terrains, maybe even automatically, like how a rice farm is built on such area when all you did was place a farm. stone walls might be left off limits for these areas to preserve balance.

U can take example from rise of nation we can put a villager in transport ship and he can build things on water bodies except sea and deep water bodies

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I suggested a different stone wall as i said above they are bit expensive than usual once and weaker than usual once

I am not really sure how this will help the water meta forward. By reading this thread i dont really see any arguments for adding this to the game. Can you explain why we need walls for water bodies?

I think this was a civ bonus in the Realms mod.

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Ngl but i didn’t know abt tht but it did crossed my head tht there should be a civ tht can build so and so

Yeah, fishing ships should be able to construct sea walls and sea towers om shallow waters

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It will gonna help in many ways like sabotaging backstabbing and it increases expenses of teams in games sabotage tht demolition ship attack on units on shallow water great to make a trap

Building bridges would be a cool add


Yeah, or at least bridges on maps (scripts) that can be destroyed/repaired.

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Yeah if our ships could cross it when we want😅