Walls in AOE4

I hope these walls in AOE4 are strong and you can not use infantry destroy these walls so easily. Hopefully the wall will bring its true value, siege battles will be awesome,guys! What do you think?


Walls even fortified walls are so weak in AoE II they do nothing to stop the enemy, at best the walls can buy you 10 seconds to get your units to the front lines.

they should be really strong given the idea that u gonna have only 1 base and u must protect it at all costs. also i have seen 2 walls 1 upgraded and 1 not upgraded which means u might be able to upgrade ur wall only once or the upgrade will work only for the walls that are currently builded ?

Where did you saw that? The upgraded, non upgraded walls.

there its from the 1v1 gameplay (not campaign)

Oh. Its not an upgrade, those are 2 different walls, like in AOE2. (I assume you play AOM or AOE3, wheres only 1 type of wall.) In AOE4 there will be 2 types, like in AOE2. Stone and wooden walls.


I can understand the wanting of making walls strong but also that can cause imbalance issues if they buff them too much.

No fort or walls did all the work in real combat, you have to use that and also strategize how to move with your own soldiers to counter their attack.

Hiding behind the walls will just end up in the attacker breaching through it.

considering how massive they are in game I am sure they will be strong. I think normal units will not be able to destroy them probably just gates etc.