Walls need a rework

Pillarless shouldnt be in the game and players have to accept it. You can build walls but sieging will create a bigger hole thats all.

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the only reason players dont want pillarless is because its really lame. Players will optimie the fun out of any game if given the change to. And here it is optimall to place the wall in a specific stepwise way and then delete. its not hard, its not op, it just is very very lame.

game need to be designed so that the most fun way to paly is also more ore less optimall and unfun mechanics should not be so good that they become meta. like deer pushin in aoe2, its in my opinion not really fun but a lame part of top gamers that has to be done to be competitive at times.


for those saying its a mechanic and part of the game… should then ALt-D be accepted? and machine gunning?

Yeah people will always find ways of abusing the game… for instance putting just pillars slightly away from each other is game breaking and lame… units will end up targeting them and takes forever to get through it… not sure how that could be fixed but stuff like that is game exploiting not strategy…

Yes it helps in TR games because you can just go all gates and units can walk through them easily… but this is lame too, because there is already enough defenders advantage with walls. and a wall of all gates is a head scratcher… looks like aoe 4 wont have as many and I look forward to this.


You’re right.
That’s not an exploit.

What is an exploit is deleting those pillars and there not being gaps in the walls like it logically should be. After all you’re deleting wall segments. There should be gaps.


There can be gaps, but once you learn how to build walls so that there are no gaps it works…

The walls stretch to fill in the lengths of the segments, but since its not locked into squares on the map, and length can be made, so the gaps are hidden by the pillars, but if you make a wall by compressing it until it wants to make a smaller section, then you can place the wall just beyond that point with no gaps.

Perhaps the wall can be built in a linear fashion, but only include pillars when creating a gate or finishing the wall. It is the most useless building in the game because it is only for “decoration”.

I am only here to remind the comunity that rework the walls would be fine.


50 wall entities for player? 30?