Walls, Two Suggestions

two suggestions, focused on pillars and health/cost.

  1. make pillars free, untargetable, unselectable, have no healthbar and los, and be automatically destroyed when there are no wall sections connected to them. this removes the tedium and frustration of dealing with walls currently, and makes walling intuitive and hassle free. it would result in a better user experience and remove mindless apm for the sake of mindless apm. it also completely removes solo pillars as well as shared wall health with connected segments.

  2. dramatically increase wall health and cost. for example increase wall health to 5000, but also increase their cost to 50 wood a section. this would disincentives mindless spam while rewarding strategic placement on places players desire/likely believe to be attacked from. less but more powerful walls also means that it encourages defenders to have an active defense where there are less resources invested in static defense and attackers to prod less fortified areas, leading to a more dynamic and engaging interaction between attacker and defender.

new untargetable pillar should have a new unit id to maintain compatibility with scenarios and mods that relied on old pillar functionality.


I also have a suggestion that the pillars can be upgraded and have short-range shooting damage,Like a small outpost


I really like the first suggestion.
I think the costs should be rebalanced as the pillars don’t cost wood anymore and the walls where designed with them in mind. Maybe depend on the length of the section. Wall cost of 5-10 wood depending on the length.
Not sure about the hitpoint and cost change you suggested.
Maybe make palisade and stone wall two different buildings instead of an upgrade. With stone walls costing 10 wood 10 coin or something like that.

Booming in aoe3 is already not rewarded at all, when you consider the most competitve games, they are turning around either rush or semi ff strats, while booming is unpopular and not rewarded a lot, it wouldn’t be helpful to ask for further nerf, in fact, it requires buff because booming should also be as rewarded as semi ff-rush strategies

I think they should buff outposts instead of walls in early game.
Stone walls should be more expensive preventing spamming them in late game.

Maybe give a bonus on fortifications (walls and towers) in the area around the first town centre, at last for the first 2-3 ages.

Outposts should cost cheaper to start with, 250wood is generally too much, 150wood would be ideal, that would also reduce the usage of walls and courage people to build outposts in certain points

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The devs should add a “no build radius” similar to torps to walls. That might stop the terrible 5 layers of walls. It looks stupid and slows down the game to a crawl.

Also once you researched bastion, wall segments should not cost 5 wood, but maybe 30 wood.

I’m glad this is being addressed. I think a better solution would be to include pillars by default in your walls and pay for the length instead of the amount of objects (as it is now)

I agree walls need a rework, since they’re so cheap. As things currently are, if you don’t build a billion layers of walls within five minutes of the game starting, you get called a noob and ridiculed by the toxic tryhard community

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My suggestion:
Wall cost scales with length from 5-10, pillars are free with 0 construction time.
Construction time is doubled on wall segments to make up for that.
The overall wall cost and construction time is now about as high as before if you don’t delete the pillars.

Stone walls are a separate building available in fortress age (maybe some of the defensive cards makes them available earlier). The construction time is 2x as high. They cost coin in addition to wood so the price is double.

Fortifications (maybe all buildings) get -33% construction time around TC and +33% construction time everywhere else until Fortress Age. Than constructing defences is twice as fast around your base than in a forward position. (Could be nice for all AoE games tbh.)

Seriously from my exoerience, players that build multi layers of walls in 1st 5 mins are the noobs.

Why would u waste so much wood on walls that could serve so much better on market upgraded and tps?

Unless u going full greed or fish boom, when I see multi layer walls early…I know I’m playing vs a newbie.

If they go full greed, a few layer of walls is not gonna save them because it means they won’t have the units to defend…unless there name is kynesie

Yes, you answered reasons why they use such a ridiculous strategy. Water Port, Japan, Incas, and Sweden all don’t play the game normally if they decide to turtle that way.

No increase in health, walls are already quite strong.
Still increase the cost, significantly. I’d say 10w for wood palisade and 20w 10g for bastion wall.